niagara falls lit orange for world music day

Iconic Landmarks to Turn Orange for Make Music Day

Visitors to more than 35 iconic American landmarks will see them shine orange for Make Music Day on summer solstice.

NOLA Pelicans now have 2 Babies: King Cake and Big Baller

It's bad enough the New Orleans Pelicans have King Cake Baby, the seasonal mascot who brings creepiness to Mardi Gras madness. Now...

Sinatra Bar to Open in Nashville

Icon Entertainment Group have partnered with Frank Sinatra Enterprises to open the new Sinatra Bar and Lounge in Nashville next year.

When it costs a lot more than $23 to buy a $23 rock music...

The most eye-catching new issue among the voluminous rock music magazines I saw last week at my Barnes & Noble was Shindig!...
cannery row brewing company craft beers from monterey

Monterey County Becomes A Top Destination for Craft Beers

Locally inspired craft beers have boosted tourism to California’s Monterey County as people’s interests expand from wine tasting to beer.

Roman brings its discreet reputation to the Crazy Basketball Invitational

The College Basketball Invitational is the leader in silly postseason hoops, and I base my observation on the stories I've read the...
Facebook (Lifelog) Was Down Because of a Data Dump (360+)

Facebook (Lifelog) Was Down Because of a Data Dump (360+)

Numerous tech companies across the planet experienced outages throughout most of Wednesday. Google, Apple,...
vacation research causes millenials to suffer from net lag

Millennials Suffering Net Lag When Booking Vacations

Millennial Travelers from North America spend an average of eight hours researching a vacation, over 40 percent declare it to be overwhelming with 42...
traditional margarita cocktail

The Search is on for This Year’s Best Margarita

Patrón Tequila has invited everyone to join their search for the best Margarita cocktail of 2019. Eight bartenders have...
Planes Hover Mid Air, Even Vanish. Holograms Disguising Aircraft? Could CERN Be Behind This? (360+)

Planes Hover Mid Air, Even Vanish. Holograms Disguising Aircraft? CERN?

Over the last several years there has been multiple witnesses and a plethora of videos emerging over a phenomenon of planes either...