Patrón Tequila has invited everyone to join their search for the best Margarita cocktail of 2019.

Eight bartenders have been selected to showcase their versions of the classic Margarita cocktail. Traditionally made with tequila, triple sec and lime, each of the contenders is to create a unique flavour inspired by their local region.

traditional margarita cocktail
Margarita Cocktail

Four of the contestants are from the U.S.

Natalie Jacob, NYC created the ‘Golden Hour Margarita’ with turmeric and pineapple. Jacyara de Oliveira, Chicago, the ‘Paseo Margarita’ with coconut and basil. Tyler Kitzman introduced the grapefruit ‘Flamingo Pink’ Margarita in Miami whilst the pineapple and coconut ‘Pasifika Margarita’ was the entry from Samuel Jimenez in Oakland.

Other entries include the ‘Margarita Caliente’ created using passion fruit and chipotle by Adrian Martinez, Guadalajara. The Margarita Amore with apple and chili pepper, by Cristian Bugiada, Rome. The lychee and ginger ‘Dynasty Margarita’ in Hong Kong created by Jay Khan. Juniper and rose inspired Makina Labrecque, Calgary for the ‘Wild Rose Margarita’.

José Luis León, Mexico City was the winner of the 2018 competition with his ‘Verde Margarita’. He said: “What bartenders around the world are doing to elevate the beloved margarita is nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

The Margarita took fourth place when the world’s favorite cocktail was revealed in 2018.

“There’s tremendous merit in a bartender who can craft a simple, classic margarita with the finest quality and freshest ingredients, but these eight bartenders have truly transformed them into masterpieces. Using inspiration from local ingredients, stunning garnishes and of course the perfect tequila, Patrón, these globally inspired drinks are elevated into true works of art,” said Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patrón Tequila.

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The competition began on February 22, for International Margarita Day and the winner will be announced on April 25, 2019 ahead of Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Various events are being held by Patrón throughout the competition time. Everyone can vote for their favorite via, by interacting with social media posts or by purchasing a cocktail courier kit.

The global finale will be held at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico, to present the winning bartender with their ‘Margarita of the Year’ trophy.

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