Locally inspired craft beers have boosted tourism to California’s Monterey County as people’s interests expand from wine tasting to beer.

The breweries of Monterey County in California have been drawing their inspiration from the region’s history and natural surroundings to each create up to 50 new beers every year. The innovation behind the brews has resulted in attracting large numbers of travelers. Enthusiasts of craft beers, small local breweries and limited edition or hard to find expressions are making their way to the west coast.

monterey california usa is home to some of the most sought after craft beers

“Monterey County is the ultimate destination for travelers looking to experience some of the best craft beers on the West Coast and sample them in cool, relaxed settings,” said Tammy Blount-Canavan, President and CEO of the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Beer lovers are joining wine enthusiasts as loyal visitors to Monterey and discovering the vast diversity in flavor, style and fermentations of Monterey craft beer.”

Some craft beers are only available in the region they are brewed.

More breweries are planned to open throughout 2019. The most recent to open is Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Yeast of Eden where production began in January 2019. Their Saison Apothēca has proven popular offering notes of floral hops and citrus. A stony minerality is also present, often associated with the local wines and coastal environment.

cannery row brewing company craft beers from monterey
Credit: Cannery Row Brewing Company

A selection of breweries and brewpubs have helped to put Monterey County on the craft beer map. Alvarado Street Brewery produces some of Northern California’s most sought-after expressions which have also won them awards. Carmel Craft Brewing Company may release up to three different beers a week due to their one-barrel brewing system. Opening over 20 years ago, Peter B’s Brewpub is Monterey’s original craft brewery. English Ales opened with English born owners to create English style ales and Cannery Row Brewing Company offers the largest selection of draft beers in the county.

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