Millennial Travelers from North America spend an average of eight hours researching a vacation, over 40 percent declare it to be overwhelming with 42 percent saying it is one of their main causes of stress.

Recent results from a One Poll survey carried out with 7,800 North American travelers over 26 countries on behalf of in February 2019, has shown that millennial aged travellers, those born between 1981 and 1996 suffer Net Lag when booking vacations.

Net Lag is a fatigue caused by scrolling.

Even though it only takes 40 minutes to become board of looking at the screen, travelers can spend more than 15 hours researching a trip before booking, may it be for relaxation, adventure or a city break.

vacation research causes millenials to suffer from net lag Announces 2019 Loved By Guest Awards Winners

33 percent of travellers admitted to having made mistakes during booking as the overwhelming research resulted in confirming incorrect dates or entire vacations. 51 percent said they would return to a destination just to avoid new research and 38 percent said they would allow someone else to do it for them, willing to pay an average of $134.

With 22 percent of respondents viewing more than 11 options and 40 percent believing they pay more to avoid researching, have announced the Loved by Guests award winners for 2019, which can be booked via their easy to use website or app.

houston is the number one city in u.s to receive awards from used to solve net lag
Top U.S. winner in Loved by Guests Awards

Other travelers reviews are sought by 91 percent of travelers when researching a vacation and as voted the most important tool they are included across

Adam Jay, President of said: “ can end the tedious vacation hunt with our Loved by Guests award-winning hotels. When researching your vacation, these properties can give a great starting point, and help ease the endless scroll. These hotels have been reviewed by people in the know, the guests themselves. We’ve analyzed over 25 million reviews to find you the best hotels around.”

There were 22,000 Loved by Guests award winners across North America in 12 categories. Houston, New York and Chicago are the top three cities in the U.S. to gain the awards.

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