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Volume II, Issue X – December 6, 2017
Riddle: 55+5=60
Trivia: Meat tenderizer
Chess: 1. … Ng1+  2. Kxh4 Kh7+  3. Qh6 Rxh6#

Volume II, Issue IX – November 29, 2017
Riddle: Charcoal
Trivia: Zeus
Chess: 1. Qg6 Qg8  2. Qh7+ Qxh7  3. Nf7#

Volume II, Issue VIII – November 22, 2017
Trivia: Fitzgerald
Chess: 1. … Rg1+  2. Nxg1 Qg2#

Volume II, Issue VII – November 15, 2017
Riddle: A river
Trivia: 100
Chess: 1. … Bh3+  2. Nxh3 Qf3+  3. Kg1 Qh1#

Volume II, Issue VI – November 8, 2017
Riddle: pi*z*z*a
Trivia: Andrew
Chess: 1. Qh6+ Kg8  2. Qh8+ Kf7  3. Qg7#

Volume II, Issue V – November 1, 2017
Riddle: The letter E
Trivia: 1954 by Roger Bannister in 3:59.4
Chess: 1. Bf5+ Kc6  2. Nd8+ Kd6  3. Bf4#

Volume II, Issue IV – October 25, 2017
Riddle: Footsteps
Trivia: Tied House
Chess: 1. Rb8+ Ke7  2. Bc5+ Kf7  3. Rf8#

Volume II, Issue III – October 18, 2017
Riddle: Since the three prime numbers add up to 100, one of them must be even. The only even prime number is 2. Therefore, the other two prime numbers must add up to 98. By trial and error, these other two are determined to be 31 and 67. (Source: L.H. Longley-Cook, Work this One Out, 1960, Fawcett Publications, p.34)
Trivia: Gluteus maximus
Chess: 1. Re7+ Kf8  2. Re8+ Kxe8  3. Qe7#

Volume II, Issue II – October 11, 2017
Riddle: The victim was in a convertible.
Trivia: Abraham Lincoln
Chess: 1. Ne5+ Nxf7  2. Be2+ Bg4  3. Bxg4#

Volume II, Issue I – October 4, 2017
Riddle: Place 3 balls on each side of the balance scale. If the 2 sides balance out, you have found the lightest ball (the one not on the scale). If the two sides do not balance out, the lightest ball is clearly one of the 3 balls on the less weighted side. To find which, place 1 each of your remaining 3 balls on either side of the scale. If the two sides balance out, the lightest ball is the one not on the scale. If not, the lightest ball is the one on the less weighted side.
Trivia: Lemons
Chess: 1. Ng6+ Kxh7  2. Nxf8+ Kg8  3. Qh7#


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