People need to understand why people are actually rioting in France. There is a lot of disinformation surrounding this story coming from the mainstream narrative. This is not just about protesting a carbon tax. Enough of the French people are awake to just how corrupt their governing institutions have become and the people have finally had enough. 

The world needs to understand why this is happening. By now Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, London, Portugal, Brussels, Montenegro have joined in. Riot police are forming in Berlina carbon tax was just announced for CanadiansEgypt has just banned yellow vestsFacebook has begun to lock down comments relating to Yellow Vests … 

The people’s trumpet has sounded.

What the French Are Demanding

Before I get into explaining what is actually happening vs. the mainstream attempt at covering this up and distorting the truth, you need to see some of the key demands the French people are making:

  • Zero homeless
  • Banning lobbies
  • Smaller banks
  • Increased minimum wage and pension payouts indexed to inflation
  • Banning Monoculture, GMOs, Glyphosate
  • Anti-foreign interventionism
  • Diversity of Media
  • Frexit
  • Default on illegitimate debt (debt created by central banks). The rest will be repaid not by the people, but by the $80 billion in tax evasion.
  • A revision of their country’s Constitution

The rest of the demands can be found here.

In reading the above list, does it not make sense that this should be applied to every country?

Reality Check. This is Why the French Are Protesting

1. Central banks within every nation are privately owned by the same people. Only 3 countries remain without a Rothschild owned central bank: Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

The world is collectively in debt over 200 trillion dollars.

Who are we in debt to?

I highly recommend reading G. Edward Griffin’s book: The Creature From Jekyll Island

2. Climate Change is a hoax.

“Governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy – their own population.”

– Noam Chomsky

They are controlling the weather.

The dramatic planetary changes we are seeing today are being engineered by a technology that to some is still science fiction. This is part of their strategy in bringing about a technocratic New World Order, also known as UN Agenda 21/30.

I covered this extensively in a previous article: Climate Change is Being Engineered. Agenda 21 Explained

Also research Smart Dust, or what Julian Assange referred to in his last interview as “… an intelligent evil dust.”

The nanotechnology is real. This is not science fiction.

According to a U.S. military flier called Military Progress, “The green light has been given” to disperse swarms of wirelessly-networked nano-bots into the troposphere by remotely-controlled UAV drones for “global warming mitigation.” These smart particles will be capable of increasing/decreasing a storm’s size and intensity, as well as being able to steer it to specific targets. (source)

I covered this extensively in: 5G, Smart Dust and the Imminent Technological Possession of Mankind 

The wildfires we are seeing are the result of directed energy weapons.  

The Paris Agreement was designed to regulate how much energy you consume, how much food you eat, what you are able to purchase through both taxation, fees and restrictions – all based on the lie of global warming. The proposed carbon tax will do nothing to corporations and will instead fall on the shoulders of the taxpayers.

3. Governments not only serve corporations, THEY ARE CORPORATIONS.

Act of 1871: United States became a corporation.

List of Foreign governments (corporations) by the SEC.

4. The War on Drugs and on Terror is a war on you. The prison industry is privatized. Multiple cartel members have admitted they work with the CIA. War is controlled by intelligence agencies and private defense contractors. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Libyan Rebels – whatever you want to call them were created by the CIA and Mossad. Notice how whichever country we are at war with, there always conveniently happens to be a Muslim extremist terrorist group at war with the same government.

The migration problem we have today is because of actions taken by our governments.

Would the crisis even exist, at all, if the US had not invaded and tried to overthrow (and in some instances actually overthrown) the governments in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere — the places from which these refugees are escaping?” (source)

On December 10, 2018, world leaders signed the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – a disaster for Western countries which virtually eliminates property rights, free speech, dramatically increases data collection, and ensures the right for everyone to enter Western countries and live off the taxpayer. This is all part of Agenda 21/30.

5. The pharmaceutical industry has hijacked our food, water, medicine, and education. These things are now designed to make us weaker, dumber and sicker – not only to increase profits but also to make us more controllable and complacent.

Food has been genetically modified and now contains glyphosate. Glyphosate was originally a chemical weapon known as Agent Orange used in Vietnam and has now been rebranded as RoundUp. The largest known chemical weapons manufacturer has now become the largest producer of food.

It is no coincidence that only Monsanto’s seeds are resistant to chemtrails and various forms of weather manipulation, also known as abiotic stress. Their seeds thrive in the presence of aluminum.

The aluminum that is being sprayed in the sky combines with fluoride in the water, creating alumina fluoride. Now fluoride, a proven neurotoxin known to target the pineal gland, can now pass through the blood-brain barrier.

us patent 4,686,605

Within the medical field, pharmaceutical companies have hijacked the education of doctors. Open up a textbook and you will find that the publisher is either a bank, pharmaceutical company, or a Rockefeller foundation. Why do they receive no education in nutrition? How many of you go to a doctor, receive no helpful information, and leave with a prescription to a pill? Doctors are now pill pushers.

Do prescription pills ever cure anything? They manage, requiring you to take them regularly until you die. Why do you think we have an opioid epidemic? Where does opioid even come from? (hint: we will never leave Afghanistan)

How terrible is the US educational system. Not a question, a statement.

The educational systems are designed to create compliant cubical workers. College educations serve to enslave you in eternal debt.

Why aren’t we learning about how to manage our finances and personal goals, how to garden and grow food, become self-sufficient, explore our unique creativity, how to meditate and therefore strive for self-awareness and emotional understanding?

Why are the discoveries being made in quantum physics being ignored? Why does no one know that our reality consists of nothing but light and sound – light caught in a low vibration? Why are we not taught about the law of attraction? Thoughts and emotions are measurable frequencies that will attract similar frequencies. This is no longer a theory. Why are we not exploring the concept of consciousness, yet focus all of our resources on developing artificial intelligence? Why does no one know anything about developments being made in the field of artificial intelligence?

The bottom line is a handful of people have hijacked the world and are using us as pawns – as slaves.

This is why France is revolting, and why the world is beginning to join the fight.

Distortion of Truth By Mainstream Media

Mainstream media is doing everything they can to cover this story up and distort the truth. They do not want us to unite. The powers that be know that if enough people unite, there is nothing they can do to stop them.

Once again, they are blaming this on Russia, claiming social-media accounts linked to Moscow have increasingly targeted the movement.

They claim the police have laid down their helmets and joined the cause, yet nothing could be further from the truth. The police are instigating the violence.

The Time is Now

The truth is simple. The people are sick and tired of being slaves to a handful of greedy individuals. The world has been waking up and now the match has been lit.

Time is running out. What the New World Order has planned are beyond the comprehension of most. 5G, smart dust, internet of things, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, tesla technology, MUOS (also known as space fence), all operational within the next 2 years.

5G, Smart Dust and the Imminent Technological Possession of Mankind

The blockchain is currently uploading all known human data. Each block of data is connected to each other via cryptography: neurons connected to neural networks … to a quantum computer.

The blockchain is evolving into a neural network of the human collective – the future brain of sentient artificial intelligence.

The Human Blockchain and the Emerging Global Bioelectronic Brain

Once all of these things go live, singularity … technocracy … will occur, under their direction.

This is it. This is our last and best chance at defeating this insane hunger games plot.

We are so much more powerful than we realize. We are fragments of consciousness trapped within a genetically modified human experiencing the human video game. Our reality is a quantum holographic simulation. Your thoughts powered by your emotions create your reality – they edit the code. Collectively, we can determine any fate we wish.

Our Reality is Programmable, Therefore Hackable

The ruling families know this. They use it against us. This is how they are always one step ahead. They want you afraid. They feed off of your fear.

This is why France, and now so many more are revolting. This is why America needs to join the fight. This is what the Yellow Jacket movement is all about.


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