Jim Beam have launched their ‘Raised Right’ marketing campaign to share their knowledge with the world and it is not all about how to make great whiskey.

Said to be the world’s best-selling bourbon, Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey has been crafted to the original recipe since the family of distillers began in 1795. It is their history that inspired this most recent campaign.

The new campaign shows how people should all treat each other well.

Watchers of the campaign’s TV commercial, named ‘Celebration’, will be shown Mr James B. Beam at the fall of the American Prohibition. He didn’t have much time nor money but with his friends and relatives they all worked together to build the iconic bourbon distillery in just 120 days.  

james b beam at jim beam distillery as part of raised right campaign
Jim Beam Distillery in Raised Right Campaign

David Campbell, vice president of global integrated marketing communications at Beam Suntory said: “Jim Beam’s explosive growth in the US and overseas in recent years has shown us that our consumers appreciate the brand’s heritage and the way we make our bourbon. We set out to create a campaign that focuses on the good created by treating those around you like family. The little-known story from our past that is told in ‘Celebration’ illustrates how those values are just as relevant now as back then and establishes the meaning of our ‘Raised Right’ campaign.”

The global campaign has already launched in Australia, Germany and selected US cities, where it premiered during the Super Bowl. It will feature across different modes of digital, print and visual medias and is also to include a short film set in the modern day, showcasing the Beam family’s distilling legacy.

jim beam logo from prnewsfoto

Brand owners Beam Inc. joined Japanese owned Suntory in 2014, creating Beam Suntory. It is the third largest spirits company in the world. Their portfolio includes whiskies from around the world, vodka, gin, tequila and Midori.

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