PERC360 Media was created in April 2017 to fix a major problem on the internet.

How often do you see an article with a catchy title only to click it and realize you’re going to have to read through 2000+ words to capture what you were interested in? Well if you’re busy, lazy, have a short attention span or all of the above, you’re lucky if you get through the first paragraph before closing the article.

This is where PERC360 comes in.

PERC360 aims to provide content on the website that is concise and to the point. While most pieces will fall in the range of 300-360 words, we do provide some extended content which will be designated by (360+) being appended to the end of the title. No more worrying about clicking a link only to find you don’t have the time or patience to read it from start to finish.

Join us on our ride to revolutionize the way people get their news!