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Alan Percal
Alan is the Co-Founder and CEO of PERC360.com, PERC360 Media. He is an accredited Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) and enjoys playing poker and golf in his free time.
Kaylea Lipps
Kaylea is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of PERC360.com, PERC360 Media. She is a Doctor of Optometry (OD) and enjoys reading and cooking when she isn't eating, which she self-describes as occurring "constantly".


Richard Pallot
Richard currently works in finance & accounting down in South Florida. With a background in investing as well, be on the lookout for stories and tips to keep you up to speed and enlightened on all your business interests.
Allen Neumark
Allen is a 3rd-year law student and aspiring future-attorney currently studying at Florida International University's College of Law in Miami, Florida. With undergraduate degrees in both political science and criminology, he has the background and expertise to give sound, logical, and informative takes on a variety of the issues facing today's society.
Noah Mindel
Noah currently works as a Sports Anchor in Alabama covering the Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, Florida State Seminoles, Troy Trojans, and Atlanta-area teams. He brings more than just College Football to PERC360 with concise, journalistically-sound articles from a young professional in the business.
Anthony Piazza
Anthony is a passionate cryptocurrency advocate who considers blockchain technology to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. He believes in empowerment through information and aims to create awareness within his reader community of the various investment opportunities in the crypto sector on a weekly basis.
Taylor Levy
Taylor is a travel writer from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and founder of The Savant Chronicles. He has a backpacked extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, Central America, and the States. He is a passionate outdoorsman who is often found rock climbing, surfing, or scuba diving. In his downtime, Taylor is an avid reader and photographer.
Adam Serota
Adam Serota is a twenty-year-old student entrepreneur from Weston, FL. In his youth, he played multiple sports at a competitive level, taught himself two instruments and started his first venture at age 13 selling sunglasses out of his middle school locker. After receiving multiple scholarships to attend various universities, Adam pursued the opportunity to attend the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University. While working on his Commercial Entrepreneurship degree at FSU, Adam founded the fast-growing clothing company, Heritage Apparel.
Kaloyan Roussev
An android developer with wide entrepreneurial background, Kaloyan has now developed a keen interest in Cryptocurrencies as a mid-term investor. He is also the author and owner of CryptoHydra.com.
Jordan Pollack
Jordan is a graduate of the University of Kansas. He currently works as a tax accountant in a public accounting firm in Northbrook, IL, where he "helps keep your money away from Uncle Sam". In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing chess, and reading.
Jeff Schermer
Jeff is a Creative at Republica, one of America's leading independent advertising agencies. Throughout his career, Jeff has lent his talents to brands such as Toyota, Chuck E. Cheese's, Jamba Juice and more, creating cutting edge work and winning top industry awards. You can view some of Jeff's work at jeffschermer.com.
Megan Soro
Megan works as a multidisciplinary designer acting at the intersection of motion and usability to create a strong, lasting and remarkable design. She's a book lover, hockey fan, equestrian, and avid collector of the nerd world. You can find her frequently camping in the woods with her dogs on the weekends. See more of Megan's work at wonderingcreative.com.
Major's Music Collective
Major’s Music Collective is an informal record label. With their segment, “Call to the Major’s”, they work to cast a spotlight on awesome Albums, EP’s, LP’s, and Mixtapes, new and old. If they could, they would sign artists based on these projects. Check out MajorsMusicCollective.com for more.
Robert Edinger
Robert has been an active stock market investor since 2001. His unique approach to technical analysis has allowed him to retire from his factory job at age 52. He is now a full-time investor and enjoys sharing his passion for the stock market as well as aviation, sailing, and motorcycles.
Jared Edelstein
Jared is a Copywriter at Zimmerman Advertising HQ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he works with a variety of national retail brands including Modell’s Sporting Goods, Lids, and Homestead-Miami Speedway. A die-hard Miami Heat fan, Jared brings an objective, no-nonsense voice to the latest topics across the hardwood, gridiron, and beyond.
Daniel Livshits
Daniel is an Economics major at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. He enjoys the outdoors, working out, trying new things, and traveling.
Jake Blumstein
Jake was a Spanish major at Florida State University and is currently in his second year of law school at the Shepard Broad College of Law. Jake spent nine months in Spain working as a teacher and loves to read and travel.
Zach Kaplan
Zach is currently a sophomore at Penn State University majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in history. He has broadcasted and covered Penn State Athletics for Commradio and the Lion 90.7 FM and recently completed an internship with Israel Sports Radio.
Spencer Lasday
Spencer is a Senior Economics Student at the University of Central Florida where he is currently focused on learning about public fiscal policy to continue pursuing his career in the public sector. He previously worked at the financial education platform, MoneyShow, that focuses on helping people manage their money into and through their retirement. He is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making sure that others shed their fear about money.
Kendi Lane
Kendi has a BA in Economics and BS in Finance and is passionate about research and processing data. She is the Hostess of the Crypt Keepers’ Club which you can read at http://www.cryptkeepers.club/. "I don’t fold sheets, I spread them!"
Gabriel Pothier
Gabriel is a psychology student dropout who left the military in 2011 after 5 years of service. He's been meeting the most interesting minds of his time ever since. Traveled the US in an RV from BC, Canada all the way to Miami, Florida and currently lives in BC working in a vegetarian restaurant for the last 3 years. The only constant in his universe is change.
Nikolai Dimitrov
After spending a decade in customer oriented services under different forms, Nikolai is now shifting his whole attention to cryptocurrency research and trading.
Alex Woodin
Alex is a Penn State grad who currently works in finance in the Philadelphia area. He is also a big gambler who will bet big money on anything from the next character to die on Game of Thrones to the second half spread of a middle school lacrosse game. His advice should be taken with several grains of salt.
Mitchell Schermer
Mitchell A. Schermer is a Miami, Florida native, who moved back to his hometown to become a trial lawyer, practicing at a large firm. He received a Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law, where he served as Student Body President in his third year. Mitchell holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science from FSU, and has several years of government relations experience in Tallahassee and Washington D.C. Often called a RINO by people on the internet, Mitchell is a common-sense, moderate Republican who believes in smart policy over party.
Ryan Doyle
Ryan is a Florida State grad in Actuarial Science who currently works in Ft. Lauderdale in marketing. His work experience ranges from working in the pension field to opening and selling his first (of many) businesses. He is a right to right-center Trump supporter who hates the two-party system and Congress.
Peter Viverito, a New York native, is a recent University of Amsterdam graduate with an M.S. in International Relations. Currently, Peter is working on securing a path into the global marketing field. More so, he is looking to share his interests in backpacking, linguistics, and sustainability advocacy.
Mahima Tiwari
Mahima is a blogger from India who writes on many topics from insurance to personal experiences and more. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. You can read more of her content on her blog at www.yahoo2info.com.
Josh Baker
Josh is a food writer and blogger specializing in restaurant reviews and recipes. He is 20 years old and based in Peterborough, UK. To check out his personal blog go to www.gastronomical.food.blog. His tastes range from the simplest of home cooked meals to high gastronomy and everything in between because coming from a love of food it makes no odds what kind of kitchen the food comes from as long as it can make your taste buds tingle and your belly rumble.
Abby Hussein
Abby is a life coaching professional who helps mums over the age of 40, navigate parenting young children, so they can lead a healthier, stress-free life. She coaches clients worldwide on a one-to-one basis, both in person and virtually. To find out more, please visit www.magicalrealities.co.uk.
Ann Yamagishi
Ann is a mom and an entrepreneur/blogger based in Japan. She believes in the divine power, goodwill of men, and the law of attraction. She has a travel and lifestyle/tutorial blog. You can check out more of her content at www.annyamagishi.com and www.dreamsdocometrue.co.
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson is a detox drink extraordinaire. She is an unprecedented optimist who lives in the world of people possibilities and is committed to helping you live better and longer, gain confidence and make the haters jealous. She prefers to be swimming in Greece, but also likes hiking, flying, and is strongly considering taking up Tae Kwon Do. See more of Christine’s work at whatdetox.com.
Jennifer Hardy
Jennifer is a writer for various websites mainly on the topics of travel, leisure, and whiskey mainly around Europe. She is originally from England, now living in Spain. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found swimming or snorkeling during the summer and hiking in the mountains, equipped with a rucksack and tent during the winter months. You can visit her blogs at www.whiskyadventurers.com, www.tripstipstravelstastes.com, and www.jennifersdesk.com.
Baleigh Roberts
Baleigh is a college student majoring in English and minoring in History. She currently runs Baleigh's Better Life, a blog mostly about books and writing but she also talks about movies, tv shows, and sometimes even personal matters. You can see her blog at baleighsbetterlife.com.
Mikayla Tencer
Mikayla is a senior at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a passion for traveling, trying new things, and finding products she loves. She has a rescue dog named Lucky who she loves as much as she loves cheese, which is a lot. You can check out her blog at https://wandertobeauty.com/.
Joseph is a critic of religion and proponent of the liberty to criticize it. Interested in politics, sports, philosophy, and the arts. An aspiring detector of all things bullshit. He describes his political beliefs as left of center.
Torrence Williams
Torrence lives in Louisville, KY, where he was also born and raised. He attended the University of Louisville and received his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. Torrence works as a Sales Engineer and specializes in Plastic Part Design and Welding for the Automotive, Appliance and Medical Industries. Derived from his upbringing, his passion is helping low-income children succeed in life. He is currently the President of a Young Professionals board for Big Brothers Big Sisters and a mentor for the Black Achievers program at his local YMCA. Torrence describes himself as a Liberal who believes in strong grassroots movements to effectively bring about change, which should be bottom up rather than top down. Most of his posts will focus on race relations because he believes that is the biggest disconnect we have as a society. When he isn't working or volunteering he can be found dominating a Ping-Pong table.
Fermin Garcia IV
Fermin was born and raised in Texas and served in the Air Force. He considers himself to be liberal. (His views/opinions are not a direct reflection of the Air Force Political Views)
Kathleen Song
Kathleen is a travel, food, and lifestyle blogger based in New York, New York. Her blog, Toast and Travel, focuses on her adventures around the world, love for eating, and life in New York City. She has hiked up giant mountains of China, played at the Paris and Tokyo Disneylands, and snorkeled with sharks in the Belize waters. Kathleen balances her love for traveling around the world and exploring the unknown with working in the corporate world. After growing up in Texas, short stints living in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Kathleen currently calls New York City home. Her website is www.toastandtravel.com.
John E. Bialas
John, 65, is retired from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun Herald newspaper in Gulfport, Miss., after a 45-year career there in which he was a sportswriter, weekend sports editor, book reviewer, rock music critic, copy editor, blogger, Facebook administrator and award-winning headline writer and page designer. He lives in Gulfport with his wife, Patricia, and writes the blog Pictures of Tilly which you can find at http://picturesoftilly.net/.
Cody Eckman
Cody hails from the depths of Utah. As both an educator and a family man, he’s always felt that his role in life is to uplift those around him and spread knowledge as best he knows how. Politically, he believes in the propagation of personal liberty and freedom and thinks that any entity that limits such is worthy of scrutiny, upset, and eventual abolishment.
Leor Kabatznik
Leor is an American-Israeli, left-leaning moderate who enjoys traveling, sports, live music, and current events.
Peter is a senior at Ohio State University majoring in finance. He has recently taken an extreme interest in cryptocurrencies, yet remains skeptical. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and playing League of Legends.
Peter Licari
Peter is a PhD student in American Politics and Political Methodology at the University of Florida studying political behavior, elections, and polling. He identifies as an ideological moderate and a center-left Republican. While he departs from the party line on a handful of salient issues (Gay Marriage, Climate Change, and Abortion), he tends to identify strongly with many of the party's core values including equality of opportunity, empowering individual liberty, the importance of state and local governance, and the power of a fair market. He firmly believes in the necessity of limited government intervention on those issues enumerated by the constitution and by legal precedent but is leery at expansion beyond that sphere. He also blogs at www.awildpoliticalnerd.com and doodles web-comics at www.p05comics.tumblr.com. What little spare time remains is dedicated to long-distance running, reading, playing video games with his ever-patient fiancee, Stephanie, and to oddly productive one-sided conversations with his cat, Asia.