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Alan is the Co-Founder and CEO of PERC360.com, PERC360 Media. He is an accredited Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) and enjoys playing poker and golf in his free time. He is the head poker coach at ZeroSumPokerCoaching.com.
Kaylea is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of PERC360.com, PERC360 Media. She is a Doctor of Optometry (OD) and enjoys reading and cooking when she isn't eating, which she self-describes as occurring "constantly".


Richard currently works in finance & accounting down in South Florida. With a background in investing as well, be on the lookout for stories and tips to keep you up to speed and enlightened on all your business interests.
Allen is a 3rd-year law student and aspiring future-attorney currently studying at Florida International University's College of Law in Miami, Florida. With undergraduate degrees in both political science and criminology, he has the background and expertise to give sound, logical, and informative takes on a variety of the issues facing today's society.
A New York City-based creator, crypto enthusiast, and dog lover, Roni Rose invests all of her time and brain power into both her personal business ventures as well as those of her clients. Roni also consults for foreign startups that wish to expand in the US, as well as pre-ICO blockchain ventures. She is currently fighting a losing battle against peanut butter addiction but still manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle, balancing work, friends, and quality time with her pup, Bean. Roni is also a writer for CryptoMarket360, check out her piece on Ethereum: https://cryptomarket360.com/what-is-ethereum-a-beginners-guide-in-360-words/.
Anthony is a passionate cryptocurrency advocate who considers blockchain technology to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. He believes in empowerment through information and aims to create awareness within his reader community of the various investment opportunities in the crypto sector on a weekly basis. You can find him on TradingView: AnthonyPiazza.
Tanjim is a professional writer and marketing strategist who partners with entrepreneurs, content marketers, and executives to craft their solid online presence. After spending nearly half a decade in Marketing, Tanjim knows what drives conversions. Tanjim believes that it's not about writing hundreds and thousands of pages. It's about how well you can communicate an idea.
Zach is a South Florida native who doubles as a CPA and semi-professional poker player. He is also an avid sports bettor, with a specialty in the NFL. Known to be a bit of a contrarian, Zach provides insight into trends on the field not typically noticed by the casual fan.
An Android developer with a wide entrepreneurial background, Kaloyan has now developed a keen interest in Cryptocurrencies as a mid-term investor. He is also the author and owner of CryptoHydra.com.
Young Tunisian writer. Author of Jeremy Heimer and the Lady of the Frozen Owl (March 2018). Obsessed with Chocolate & Cappuccino.
Winston is a Malawian award-winning journalist and content marketer dedicated to the promotion of human rights and entrepreneurship as a means of eradicating poverty worldwide, especially in the developing world. As a journalist, Winston has covered stories in his native Malawi and internationally, including the high-profile EU-Africa Business Forum.
Kira's background in publishing spans over 10 years and includes the creation of her own successful publication. She's spent the past few years as a professional writer, editor, and content developer for businesses and has recently authored the non-fiction book Small Business, Big Success.
Just another insignificant one trying to make a significant mark. A believer in writing to express not to impress. If you are right doesn't always means the one opposite to you is wrong.
Though she now checks the 4th box on forms requesting her age range, Val still has lots to learn. With degrees in journalism and psychology, Val analyzes everything — most of all her own flaws & foibles. Then she writes about it so that others who identify with her tragedies & triumphs might learn by osmosis. Val is a mental health counselor in Weston, FL, which provides ample opportunity to analyze and guide motivated clients, instead of therapizing family and friends who aren’t asking for it. Read her Psychobabble blog at SelfEmpowermentCounselingFL.com.
Jared is a Copywriter at Zimmerman Advertising HQ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he works with a variety of national retail brands including Modell’s Sporting Goods, Lids, and Homestead-Miami Speedway. A die-hard Miami Heat fan, Jared brings an objective, no-nonsense voice to the latest topics across the hardwood, gridiron, and beyond.
Daniel is an Economics major at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. He enjoys the outdoors, working out, trying new things, and traveling.
Out of the depths of poverty and oppression came Crystal H. Vo who was born and raised in Vietnam in 1970. At the age of 15, she made her daring escape, alongside her brother, from the tyranny of the communist regime to make a better life in the United States. Her parents, who stayed behind, gave their blessing and suffered the anguish of not knowing whether she and her brother would survive their departure. Thirty-five years later despite many hardships, she is the Mother of two, a college graduate and an aspiring writer who currently makes a living as an eligibility worker helping others get through their struggles. Crystal continues to look forward and upwards towards divine truths that got her through it all and that continue to inspire her to write of her experiences and share them in the spirit of offering a sense of faith, hope and love even through the darkest times.
Paul is currently a law student at UVA and enjoys sports WAY more than he enjoys the law. As an alumnus of the University of Florida, he has been both blessed with seven years of terrific college basketball but cursed with painfully subpar football. Paul also enjoys jam-band music, hiking, and visiting breweries.
Spencer is a Senior Economics Student at the University of Central Florida where he is currently focused on learning about public fiscal policy to continue pursuing his career in the public sector. He previously worked at the financial education platform, MoneyShow, that focuses on helping people manage their money into and through their retirement. He is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making sure that others shed their fear about money.
Kendi has a BA in Economics and BS in Finance and is passionate about research and processing data. She is the Hostess of the Crypt Keepers’ Club which you can read at http://www.cryptkeepers.club/. "I don’t fold sheets, I spread them!"
Gabriel is a psychology student dropout who left the military in 2011 after 5 years of service. He's been meeting the most interesting minds of his time ever since. Traveled the US in an RV from BC, Canada all the way to Miami, Florida and currently lives in BC working in a vegetarian restaurant for the last 3 years. The only constant in his universe is change.
After spending a decade in customer oriented services under different forms, Nikolai is now shifting his whole attention to cryptocurrency research and trading.
Alex is a Penn State grad who currently works in finance in the Philadelphia area. He is also a big gambler who will bet big money on anything from the next character to die on Game of Thrones to the second half spread of a middle school lacrosse game. His advice should be taken with several grains of salt.
Mitchell is a professional computer geek by day and amateur astronomer by night. His passion for the night sky began when he was in elementary school, and it has grown into a semi-professional hobby. He's an admin for a large Facebook group for amateur astronomy and astrophotography and runs a YouTube channel with a focus on telescopes, how-to videos, and observation tips.
Ryan is a Florida State grad in Actuarial Science who currently works in Ft. Lauderdale in marketing. His work experience ranges from working in the pension field to opening and selling his first (of many) businesses. He is a right to right-center Trump supporter who hates the two-party system and Congress.
Peter Viverito, a New York native, is a recent University of Amsterdam graduate with an M.S. in International Relations. Currently, Peter is working on securing a path into the global marketing field. More so, he is looking to share his interests in backpacking, linguistics, and sustainability advocacy.
Mahima is a blogger from India who writes on many topics from insurance to personal experiences and more. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. You can read more of her content on her blog at www.yahoo2info.com.
Josh is a food writer and blogger specializing in restaurant reviews and recipes. He is 20 years old and based in Peterborough, UK. To check out his personal blog go to www.gastronomical.food.blog. His tastes range from the simplest of home cooked meals to high gastronomy and everything in between because coming from a love of food it makes no odds what kind of kitchen the food comes from as long as it can make your taste buds tingle and your belly rumble.
Abby Hussein, Personal Belief Specialist, Founder and creator of Magical Realities, www.magicalrealities.co.uk. I’ll show you how to safeguard your freedom against self-limiting beliefs, as well as help you create an empowering personal belief system. Together we’ll create clarity for you to manifest a life in which you thrive instead of just survive. Your life, your choice. Connect on Facebook and Twitter on the links below.
Peter is a PhD student in American Politics and Political Methodology at the University of Florida studying political behavior, elections, and polling. He identifies as an ideological moderate and a center-left Republican. While he departs from the party line on a handful of salient issues (Gay Marriage, Climate Change, and Abortion), he tends to identify strongly with many of the party's core values including equality of opportunity, empowering individual liberty, the importance of state and local governance, and the power of a fair market. He firmly believes in the necessity of limited government intervention on those issues enumerated by the constitution and by legal precedent but is leery at expansion beyond that sphere. He also blogs at www.awildpoliticalnerd.com and doodles web-comics at www.p05comics.tumblr.com. What little spare time remains is dedicated to long-distance running, reading, playing video games with his ever-patient fiancee, Stephanie, and to oddly productive one-sided conversations with his cat, Asia.
Christine Johnson is a detox drink extraordinaire. She is an unprecedented optimist who lives in the world of people possibilities and is committed to helping you live better and longer, gain confidence and make the haters jealous. She prefers to be swimming in Greece, but also likes hiking, flying, and is strongly considering taking up Tae Kwon Do. See more of Christine’s work at whatdetox.com.
Jennifer is a writer for various websites mainly on the topics of travel, leisure, and whiskey mainly around Europe. She is originally from England, now living in Spain. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found swimming or snorkeling during the summer and hiking in the mountains, equipped with a rucksack and tent during the winter months. You can visit her at www.whiskyadventurers.com, www.jennifersdesk.com and www.therucksack.news.
Elisha is a professional B2B writer for hire at www.ewritescopy.com. She is also the owner of www.madambudget.com a personal finance blog. She has a strong desire to see others succeed in our busy sometimes confusing financial world. Subscribe to her blog to receive help and tips with managing your money.
Mikayla is a senior at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a passion for traveling, trying new things, and finding products she loves. She has a rescue dog named Lucky who she loves as much as she loves cheese, which is a lot. You can check out her blog at https://wandertobeauty.com/.
James is a self-proclaimed casual nerd who likes crypto and community building. Software dev, social psychologist and sipper of tea. He loves art of all kinds, actively seeking truth, and alliteration.
Torrence lives in Louisville, KY, where he was also born and raised. He attended the University of Louisville and received his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. Torrence works as a Sales Engineer and specializes in Plastic Part Design and Welding for the Automotive, Appliance and Medical Industries. Derived from his upbringing, his passion is helping low-income children succeed in life. He is currently the President of a Young Professionals board for Big Brothers Big Sisters and a mentor for the Black Achievers program at his local YMCA. Torrence describes himself as a Liberal who believes in strong grassroots movements to effectively bring about change, which should be bottom up rather than top down. Most of his posts will focus on race relations because he believes that is the biggest disconnect we have as a society. When he isn't working or volunteering he can be found dominating a Ping-Pong table.
Fermin was born and raised in Texas and served in the Air Force. He considers himself to be liberal. (His views/opinions are not a direct reflection of the Air Force Political Views)
Kathleen is a travel, food, and lifestyle blogger based in New York, New York. Her blog, Toast and Travel, focuses on her adventures around the world, love for eating, and life in New York City. She has hiked up giant mountains of China, played at the Paris and Tokyo Disneylands, and snorkeled with sharks in the Belize waters. Kathleen balances her love for traveling around the world and exploring the unknown with working in the corporate world. After growing up in Texas, short stints living in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Kathleen currently calls New York City home. Her website is www.toastandtravel.com.
John, 67, is retired from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun Herald newspaper in Gulfport, Miss., after a 45-year career there in which he was a sportswriter, weekend sports editor, book reviewer, rock music critic, copy editor, blogger, Facebook administrator and award-winning headline writer and page designer. He lives in Gulfport with his wife, Patricia, and writes the blog Pictures of Tilly which you can find at http://picturesoftilly.net/.
Cody hails from the depths of Utah. As both an educator and a family man, he’s always felt that his role in life is to uplift those around him and spread knowledge as best he knows how. Politically, he believes in the propagation of personal liberty and freedom and thinks that any entity that limits such is worthy of scrutiny, upset, and eventual abolishment.
Leor is an American-Israeli, left-leaning moderate who enjoys traveling, sports, live music, and current events.
Peter is a senior at Ohio State University majoring in finance. He has recently taken an extreme interest in cryptocurrencies, yet remains skeptical of a lot of the alt coins. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and playing League of Legends. As of October 4, 2017, Peter successfully completed his goal of turning $1000 into $25,000 by trading cryptocurrencies which he set out to achieve in March 2016.
Yolonda Mays is a Navy veteran, University of Tennessee alumnus, former lifestyle coach and self-proclaimed foodie. She currently works in food service management and spends most of her days obsessing over the price of avocados. You can check out Yolonda's blog at kitchenyolonda.com where she writes about everything from budgeting to the relationship between nutrition and emotional health.
Marina is the Editor at www.tinylovebug.com. She is Italian but she has moved to Australia for love. She studied Law and currently works as a Legal Supervisor. Her articles aim to give advice on life and love life to empower women and help them achieve their full potential. She also writes about strategic advice and actionable tips for new bloggers. Marina can be found at facebook.com/groups/bloggingfornewbloggers/.
Lucrezia is the Founder of www.tinylovebug.com. Originally from Italy, she now lives in Melbourne - Australia. She has worked as a Lawyer, University Lecturer (PhD), and Manager in different countries. Through her writing, Lucrezia helps women become their best selves. She offers advice on life, relationships, employment and financial matters. In addition, she is also passionate about helping new bloggers grow their blogs and navigate their way through the blogosphere. You can join her at facebook.com/groups/bloggingfornewbloggers/.
My name is Blanaid and I left the office life behind to travel the world full-time. I have a website www.routejtob.com where I post about all things travel. I am a social media manager and work freelance for a digital agency that my partner started named Jade Smith Design.
As a Florida State University alum, Amelia works as a graphic designer and public relations professional in Orlando, Florida. With a passion for traveling and sharing stories with others, Amelia created her website www.readtb.com to encourage others to throw their worries to the wind and travel on their own.
Since as early as childhood, Andros has been interested in Tech. His parents wrote for such shows as “Star Trek” and “Land of the Lost.” After working 15 years in the entertainment industry, Andros left to start multimedia company Starchild Interactive. He currently started work at MobyTrader, a cryptocurrency trading tech company available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.
Hi, I’m Holly! I’m a wife and a mama of three wild ones, including one set of twins. While we love to travel and explore new places, we’re big on making adventures wherever we are, even in our own backyard. We’ve journeyed around the world, the US, through sickness, infertility, adoption, and by God’s grace, we continue to learn as we go. I’m passionate about encouraging and helping others find adventure and joy right where they are.
Jake is and has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 14, and owns a few Internet marketing businesses. Jake is a registered Republican, who has supported Democrats in prior elections and prefers individual beliefs over team/party politics. Kauffman is fiscally conservative and more socially liberal with some exceptions. He supported Trump for President in the 2016 election before Trump officially announced candidacy.
Michelle is a biology major at Florida State University. She dreams of curing the world of all diseases through her contributions to science. Her grandfather inspired her to study medicine after his passing and she was able to gain a lot of experience in high school during her hospital shifts and ambulance rides for the EMT program that she took part in. Now in college, Michelle has been able to complete a virology research project while spending her free time volunteering and with many different clubs/organizations. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to make her friends laugh and spend time with her family.
Danila is a Translator and Interpreter who once worked as copywriter and journalist. Affected by wanderlust, she wants to discover the world by traveling and getting to know people. She's always carrying around a Canon camera and her beloved Kindle in her purse. You can find out what she is up to here or on her social channels along with at her blog, www.travellingdany.com.
Business developer | Excel wizard | Amateur philosopher "Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best." -Theodore Isaac Rubin
Lilly is an undergrad at Indiana University studying law and public policy. Politically, she considers herself to be a centrist Democrat who tries to engage in consistent bipartisanship. She's also a big college football fan, dog lover, and presidential history buff. Lilly also writes occasionally for Student Union Sports about college football and basketball, particularly the Indiana Hoosiers. In the future, she hopes to run for office and currently runs a student group at IU to encourage more young women to get involved in politics.
Nichelle is a Senior Broadcast Journalism student that attends Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. She has a passion for writing and reporting entertainment news. While balancing her classes, Nichelle currently is an Associate Producer for FAMU's TV 20 Newscast, a contributor for Journey Magazine, and a Blogger for MusicXclusives.com. After college Nichelle plans to continue working in the entertainment news industry, where she hopes to continue writing, reporting, and producing.
Justin is someone who is compassionate about learning anything and everything, including ancient mythologies and history, quantum technology, blockchain, A.I., nutrition, and absolutely everything to do with outer space. "In the age of information, ignorance is a choice." Having spent most of his adult life in the financial sector, he has only recently found his calling as a writer. Deciphering truth and spreading awareness is exactly what he plans to do.
Benito is currently in Peru and has been beyond fortunate to have solo backpacked to over 45 countries. He looks at travel as a pilgrimage for learning and self-development. His motto is that we are only constrained by the boundaries in which we self-impose, so he is always seeking to push those boundaries.
Nadia is passionate about the financial market and has been working in the field for 3 years now. With what she's learned so far she wishes to show other people the pros and cons, and how to make the best decision for them. Cryptocurrency is a new deal and a lot of people are afraid to get close because they don't understand the mechanisms. She wants to show them how to keep up with today's financial system and adjust accordingly.