The NBA season is officially over. It ends with LeBron James being swept by the Golden State Warriors. LeBron didn’t go out with a bang he went out with a whimper. Game four was a complete blowout, and it looked the Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t trying. After the game critics were quick to point out LeBron’s lack of effort in game four. Even after an amazing playoff run, game four could destroy LeBron’s legacy.

Never compare LeBron to Jordan again

It was obvious to anyone that was watching game four that the Cavs and LeBron were giving up. They were laying down and not playing with all their heart. It could all stem from the fact they were down 3-0 in the series, or that game one ended in disaster, but whatever the reason LeBron drew the fire of some of the sports world’s most influential voices.

Stephen A. Smith sent out a long and powerful message calling out the whole Cavs team and specifically LeBron. Smith said, “The Cavs QUIT! This is disgraceful. Don’t want to hear another damn thing about Jordan comparisons again. This effort would’ve never happened on his watch.”

NBA Hall of Famer and TV personality went ever farther than Smith. Barkley went as far as saying, “Any media person that I see in person the rest of my life who try to tell me that LeBron James is as good as Michael Jordan… I’m just going to slap the hell out of them.”

On to the next team

Even before the finals, it was pretty clear that LeBron would be leaving Cleveland at the end of the season. He’s set to become a free agent and his relationship with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has never been the best.

Stephen A Smith is reporting that there are only seven teams that LeBron will take to. Which includes Cleveland, Philly, Boston, Houston, the Lakers, and Golden State. James has not indicated where he plans to go.

No matter where LeBron goes he’ll be looking to win another championship. He may need to win a few of them for the world to forget this latest performance in the finals.