Comedian Pete Davidson and music superstar Ariana Grande announced that they are engaged. It was a surprising announcement as the two have only been dating for a few weeks. It was even surprising that the two started dating in the first place due to the fact that they both just got out of long term relationships. No word on when the wedding will take place

Didn’t try to hide their relationship

Davidson and Grande have never been shy about their relationship. The two stars were regularly posting updates on Instagram including photos together, videos, and commenting on each other’s posts. Pete even went as far as getting two tattoos dedicated to Grande.

Before dating Davidson, Ariana was dating Pittsburgh Rapper Mac Miller for nearly two years. Grande ended that relationship with a series of tweets claiming that Miller couldn’t get his life together. People close to Grande said her relationship with Mac had run its course long before they announced their split.

Pete had been dating Cazzie David, Larry David’s daughter, on and off for a number of years, but broke up a few months ago. Davidson and Grande were in a relationship just over a month before announcing their engagement.


Not getting married soon

Friends and family have reportedly been very supportive of the engagement

“They are a perfect fit,” one insider said. “Their friends are really excited and supportive.”

Since June 9th the couple has been telling people to them that they are engaged. But just because the engagement was quick doesn’t mean the wedding is coming soon. Sources close to Davidson and Grande said, “They are looking forward to a very long engagement together.”

Davidson and Grande first met back in March of 2016 when the singer appeared on Saturday Night Live. Davidson is a cast member of SNL; during Grand’s comedy song about having a Hollywood scandal, Pete made a joke during her performance.

However, it doesn’t look like their relationship began right after the show or how close they kept in contact. Social media has been an outpouring of support for the young couple.