Anthony Bourdain was a beloved chef, storyteller, and traveler. For three decades Bourdain proudly worked as a dishwasher and link cook, that was until he wrote an article for the New Yorker and his career took off. Shortly after Bourdain wrote best-selling books, became a TV personality, and hosted the smash hit “Part’s Unknown.” On Friday, Bourdain was dead in his hotel room.

Police say it was suicide

Authorities have ruled Bourdain’s death a suicide. He was only 61. According to the police they do not suspect any foul play. Prosecutors of Colmar, the area was Bourdain was staying, said that the legendary chef hung himself in his bathroom using his bathrobe belt. Medical experts concluded that Bourdain’s body showed no signs of violence.

Urine tests and toxicology tests were carried out to see if Bourdain was taken any medications. Bourdain had been open about his struggles with drugs including cocaine and heroin in the past but had been clean in recent years.

Bourdain’s hanging comes only days after fashion designer Kate Spade hung herself in her New York City apartment. The hanging follows a disturbing pattern of celebrity deaths that we’ve seen in recent years.

Bourdain was in France to film an upcoming episode of “Parts of Unknown.”

Outpouring of support

Anthony Bourdain was loved by nearly everyone he met. His honest voice and authentic attitude were rare in a world where so many celebrities put on a persona. When the news of Bourdain’s suicide broke, there was an outpouring of public support and people sharing their memories of Bourdain.

Former President Barack Obama sent out a tweet saying about Bourdain, “He taught us about food – but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together.” Obama and Bourdain shared a cheap meal in Hanoi, Vietnam for an episode of “Parts Unknown.”

Obama Tweet

Newscasters on CNN, the network Bourdain worked for, remembered Bourdain with tears in their eyes; Anderson Cooper remembered his friend with a video montage.

The sense of nearly every tweet and statement that was the world lost a friend. Bourdain could talk to anyone and bring people together even over the simplest of meals.