After a game one loss, to the Boston Celtics LeBron James said that he wasn’t worried. After a game two lose it looked like Cleveland’s season was going to end, and LeBron’s playoff magic was over. He had single handily defeated team after team, but Boston looked like they were finally going to end his Hercules like effort. That was until game 6 of the Eastern Conferences finals.

LeBron saves Cleveland again

The only way to describe LeBron’s performance was season-saving. James went off and scored 46 points in 46 minutes in the Cavaliers’ 109-99 victory. LeBron’s teammates, who have have been criticized for not doing enough, watched on as LeBron took apart the Boston Celtics.

Shooting Guard Kyle Korver has been part of teams that James has knocked out of the playoffs and been his teammate, but admits he’s never seen anything like the current LeBron. “That one is right up there towards the top,” Korver said after game six.

After being destroyed in the first two games most teams may have lost their will to win, but LeBron wasn’t willing to let that happen. He simply told his team to play hard and leave it on the floor, and it was enough for his guy to rally around him.

Can the magic carry the Cavs to a championship

LeBron has forced a game seven and in the process may have demoralized the Celtics. During the first two games, the Celtics were loud and energetic, but LeBron has turned the tables.  On paper, Cleveland shouldn’t have even made it this far.

Without a doubt, Cleveland’s roster lacks all-star talent and has a coach under fire. But after game six LeBron made sure to give his teammates credit. “They gave us a huge boost in that second quarter,” James said.

If this Cleveland team wants to make the finals, they’re going to need to play even better in game 7. They suffered some significant injuries in game 6, Kevin Love is out, James’ leg is hurt, and J.R Smith is walking with a limp.

Even through all the doubt and hardships now is not the time to bet against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.