LeBron James has nearly single-handedly carried the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. James and his teams have constantly been in the playoffs and won multiple championships, but what he is doing this year might be his more impressive performance. The Boston Celtics look like they could end Cleveland’s season which may end LeBron’s Cavalier career.

Cleveland meets Boston

Since high school whenever LeBron James stepped onto the court, he was always the best player. However, what he is doing this year has proved just how dominant he is. Through the first two rounds of the playoffs, LeBron willed his team to wins.

But no matter how much LeBron did or how much his team won by the road to the finals still looked daunting. It became more of a question of when will they lose instead of will they lose. The losses started to pile up when Cleveland met Boston.

The Cavaliers were torn apart in games one and two. After game one LeBron said he wasn’t concerned, but after the game two lose LeBron could no longer strike the same tone. In both games, the Cavaliers were blown out and didn’t seem to stand a chance.

If Cleveland does lose this series, it will be time for James to end his Cavalier career.

LeBron must leave Cleveland

The first-time LeBron James was a free agent nearly every team in the NBA tried to sign him. A few years later and LeBron would still be the player every team wants. Without a doubt, James could demand the max deal and sign nearly anywhere he wanted.

At this point in his career, James probably doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t look to go to a young team. The Lakers could be a possibility and the big market that LeBron would be perfect in.

The 76ers are another young team, but this last season looked like they could beat anyone. LeBron will have to leave Cleveland if he wants to get another championship any time soon.