We’re all culprits of comparing ourselves to others, we just can’t help it!  

We forget, however; everything just is until we compare it to something!

We’re attaching meaning to everything all the time, like/dislike, good/bad, tall/short, it’s how our mind works to cope with the enormous amounts of information thrown at us every day. By doing this, we’re creating stories based on each difference we encounter. All aspects of these stories are derived from our core belief systems, which hold the blueprint of our perceived truth of ourselves, everything and everyone around us. To run with a story without corroborating what’s been deemed as fact is extremely dangerous,

Comparison is cunning…

Comparison alone doesn’t cause you any issues, but it does trigger your inner voice, which is when the chaos begins. For the majority of us, the core of the most common self-limiting beliefs is, “I’m not good enough”, and as such your inner voice will become your worst critic and initiate a tirade of put-downs toward you. All this does for you is reinforce your belief of not being “good enough”.

This is a vicious cycle and here’re some signs to watch out for and how to break them.


1. On comparing yourself to others, you’re feelings of anxiety and failure rise.

Antidote: List your achievements and celebrate every small success.


2. You’re always dwelling on what you don’t have; physically, emotionally and financially.

Antidote: Practice gratitude for everything present in your life right now.


3. Nothing you achieve or receive is “enough” and your sense of lack increases.

Antidote: Don’t be afraid to indulge, the universe will mirror your actions.


4. You’ve developed a “woe is me” attitude and unwittingly play the victim role.

Antidote: Get clear, separate the facts from your attached story.


5. You feel like you’re in a never-ending competition with everything.

Antidote: Slow down, the only person you’re in competition is yourself.

This’ll help you steer clear of comparison chaos and I’m always happy to talk if you want more information on this or any other related subjects. Email works too 😉

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Abby Hussein
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