Without a doubt, the Golden State Warriors are a super team. In the modern-day NBA, it seems like you have to be to win championships. The team is packed full of superstar talent, but seven major players are set to become free agents. Roster turnover is set to begin next month, and at the start of next season we could be seeing a different Golden State Warriors team.

Who leaves?

Kevon Looney is the first name on the list. Injury history led them to the Warriors deciding not to pick up his 2018-2019 option. His future was in serious doubt, but after his playoff performance, the Warriors probably wish they picked up his option. Looney is only 22 and played a big part in the team’s championship run. Looney likes being part of the Warriors, but the team may not have the cash to keep him.

Nick “Swaggy P” Young has one of the most prominent personalities in the NBA and, despite inconsistent play, is always being talked about. Young was signed to help with three-point shooting but ended up being more valuable on defense. Due to his poor conditioning, the Warriors may move on from Young without even offering him a deal.

Other players that could be leaving are David West, Zaza Pachulia, JaVale McGee, and Patrick McCaw.

If Durant’s back does it even matter

The Warriors may not need to worry about losing some pieces if they can keep their true superstars. Stephen Curry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and Kevin Durant wants to come back. Durant has caught a lot of criticism for joining the Warriors, nothings a guarantee, but out of the seven free agents Durant is the most likely to come back.

If Durant were to walk away, it would leave a major hole on the roster that the Warriors would have a hard time filling. In an NBA where only two to three superstars are needed to compete for a championship Durant, Curry, and some role players may be enough to keep the dynasty going.

LeBron James will apparently talk to the Golden State Warriors when free agency starts.