Make up can be a nightmare. How to apply it, what to use, or even where to start. For me though it’s become a fun way to express myself and highlight what I love. In my latest post I talk about what products I use, how to use them and what my favorite night and day makeup looks include. No matter what your relationship with makeup is though there is always room for improvement.

Start by knowing you are already beautiful and makeup is not there to make you beautiful but rather bring out what you love about yourself. That could be your eyes with a color to help them pop, a bold lip or some gorgeous highlighter on those cheek bones. It also is a way to hide those minor details you may not want the world to notice.

A good concealer is where I suggest you start. Once my acne finally began to clear up, after years of struggling with it, I began to go lighter on the foundation. Today I simply use a concealer all over my face, starting with a triangular shape under my eyes and then covering the acne scars. After that is applied I like to transition to the eyes. No matter what color your eyes are there is a shade out there to help them pop. For my green eyes, I love to start with a light beige color all over the lid and then go into a more plum on the outer crest and finish with a dark eyeshadow used as eyeliner.

Lastly, for day time I never forget a little highlighter and blush, just to make my cheeks pop a little more. If you’re looking for a more bold night look then I suggest adding a little bronzer to help contour your face. Later add a favorite lip color, mine being red, and you’re ready to take on the world!

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Mikayla Tencer
Mikayla is a senior at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a passion for traveling, trying new things, and finding products she loves. She has a rescue dog named Lucky who she loves as much as she loves cheese, which is a lot. You can check out her blog at