A belief system is an internal representation of the world as we experience it through taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. From this information, we form our thoughts and self talk, which lead to the actions and behaviours we display in our everyday life. Our brains aren’t discerning when it comes to our beliefs; according to Michael Shermer, a psychology professor, the founder of Skeptic magazine, and resident skeptical columnist for Scientific American,“the brain is always seeking to find meaning in the information that pours into it…The brain thus becomes invested in the beliefs, and reinforces them by looking for supporting evidence while blinding itself to anything contrary” .

Now we know the brain is a belief making machine, let’s start making beliefs that serve us instead of beliefs that keep us stuck.

3 Steps to upgrade your belief system

1. Identify your self limiting beliefs. You will find them in the things you tell yourself everyday and sound something this; ‘I’m not clever enough’, ‘I’m always so lazy’, ‘I’m so overweight’, ‘I’m such a bad mum’, ‘I’m not lovable’, and a personal for me, ‘no-one listens to me’

2. Disprove your self limiting beliefs. Find the evidence to prove that your belief just isn’t true. One of my self limiting beliefs was ‘no-one listens to me’. I began to look at my life for examples of times and situations where I was heard, and boy did I find many! It was a truly empowering experience.

3. Test your new belief. See what happened there? By disproving your self-limiting belief, you’ll  have created a new self-serving belief. In my case it’s ‘I have a voice that’s heard’. It took some getting used to in the beginning, but the more I tested it through writing, talking and generally putting myself out there, the more it took root and my confidence in the power of my voice started to rocket.

It’s a very simple process with a huge impact. Let me know how it worked for you.

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Abby Hussein
Abby Hussein, Personal Belief Specialist, Founder and creator of Magical Realities, www.magicalrealities.co.uk. I’ll show you how to safeguard your freedom against self-limiting beliefs, as well as help you create an empowering personal belief system. Together we’ll create clarity for you to manifest a life in which you thrive instead of just survive. Your life, your choice. Connect on Facebook and Twitter on the links below.