Changing your major can be a big decision, especially if you have always thought you would study one subject, get into it and realize it is not even close to what you are interested in. I changed mine from Nursing to English and while I loved my decision, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns. Here are three things that happen when you change your major.

1. You Are Unsure if You’re Making the Right Decision
I was making the decision to change my major from nursing to English I spent a lot of time wondering if I had made the right decision. As crazy as it sounds changing your major is a lot more stressful than what I ever thought it would be. I spent a lot of time asking myself if I really wanted to change my major, but in the end, it was the best decision I made that semester. Questioning the choice is normal, if it’s in your gut, go for it.

 2. You Have to Navigate a New World
I get English, I always have, but going into an English major means I got a new advisor, new teachers, and lots of new peers that I probably would have never known about if I hadn’t ended up changing. The world of the English major is a lot different from the world of a nursing major.

 3. You Feel Relief
This is going to sound weird but once I finally got to start taking classes as an English major, I was finally relaxed. Yes, I did have moments where I questioned if I had made the right decision but for the most part I have felt completely confident in my decision. I don’t stress about what I am doing with my life anymore, as I know that whatever I end up doing will be my decision. The hardest part about changing majors is actually pulling the trigger and making the decision. Once that is done, you get relief and excitement taking on your knew path!

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Baleigh Roberts
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