There are a lot of families that would love to travel more but don’t because of the cost.  Here are some money-saving hacks to make travel more affordable for families.

  1. Get a Credit Card With Free Benefits

First thing, you need a credit card that rewards your everyday spending with airfare. Why not benefit from everyday spending?

  1. Go Off Season

Both airfare and lodging prices dramatically decrease during the off-season.  Going to Disney or the beach in the winter costs a lot less than going during peak season.

  1. Have Flexible Dates

Typically the cheapest days to travel are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Most people have a week for a vacation.  There’s no rule that your vacation week needs to run Sunday to Sunday.

  1. Check Nearby Airports

There are a lot of cities that have multiple airports or with close proximity to each other; booking a slight distance away can save you big bucks.

  1. Hotel Rewards

Enroll in a hotel rewards program.  It’s free and just like the credit card, you earn points for hotel stays you are already taking that can accumulate into free stays.

  1. Check Your Lodging Options

You don’t have to stay in a hotel when you travel.  It’s worth checking sites like Airbnb; where people rent out their own properties.

  1. Think Twice Before You Eat Out

This is a huge opportunity area to save money when traveling.

Theoretically, if you have accommodations with a kitchen, your food budget should stay the same as if you were at home. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that you have to eat out for every meal!

Obviously, if you are staying in a hotel without a kitchen space you are more limited. Pick hotels, which include breakfast. Almost all hotel rooms these days have a mini fridge. Utilize it and buy things for lunches and snacks.

  1. Buy tickets online and always check Groupon first. 

Always check Groupon before buying tickets or booking an excursion.

I’ve also found that buying my tickets online is almost always cheaper.

For a complete list of money-hacks click here.

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Holly Diakandru
Hi, I’m Holly! I’m a wife and a mama of three wild ones, including one set of twins. While we love to travel and explore new places, we’re big on making adventures wherever we are, even in our own backyard. We’ve journeyed around the world, the US, through sickness, infertility, adoption, and by God’s grace, we continue to learn as we go. I’m passionate about encouraging and helping others find adventure and joy right where they are.