Trump has made it clear in his presidential address that he will not budge until he can get the funding for his wall. Democrats are pushing for a SMART solution over a crude steel barrier, hinting at AI facial recognition and thermal imaging.

Both paths have dark consequences.

I came across a post by Kent Lewiss on his media platform in which he pointed out pieces of a very real puzzle unfolding within the US. Combine the following events with the implementation of 5G and UN Agenda 21/30 and the big picture sharpens just a bit more.

  • Jan. 2019: The mass migration agenda is continuing as planned. Donald Trump warned that the government shutdown could go on for months, even years and he will not budge until he gets the funding for his wall. He emphasized that he has the power to declare a national emergency and can proceed without Congress. This would mean he has the power to suspend Posse Comitatus to have troops build the wall, enact martial law starting at the border, and if need be nationwide.
  • If the government shutdown continues, on Feb. 1, 38 million Americans will lose food stamps. This includes subsidized lunches and nutritional programs for school children and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. How long before they take to the streets?
  • A global financial reset has already begun. The dollar will soon plummet in value as a new digital currency is introduced.

Update 1/11/19: IMF Warns World “Dangerously Unprepared” For Upcoming Global Recession

Make no mistake, we are in the endgame. Whatever is about to happen is right around the corner and is designed to prepare us for UN Agenda 21/30 and the singularity.

What Could Happen if Trump Declares a National Emergency

Thanks to the psyop known as QAnon, many believe that Trump is at war with the deep state and that declaring martial law will be a good thing for the people. They are being told that thousands of indictments are circulating and mass arrests of corrupt politicians, such as the Clintons are imminent. While it certainly seems as if Trump has been “draining the swamp,” make no mistake, he is rebuilding a new one.

“Pedogate criminality can be used to blackmail and/or bribe any politician on planet Earth if they have been compromised.   Even if they haven’t, the pols can still be controlled by the perps with fabricated evidence…which the C.I.A. and MOSSAD do all the time.”

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst

Trump has very clear and obvious connections to Zionist central bankers. These are the ground architects of the imminent one world order that is rapidly taking shape. They are the deep state.

Detailed in an article from Bloomberg on March 22, 1992, it was with the assistance and assurance of self-proclaimed Zionist Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire. Ross is quoted saying that Trump is “… a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage …”

So it’s of course no surprise that billionaire investor Wilbur L. Ross Jr. would support the nomination of Donald Trump for president in this Bloomberg article dated March 9, 2016.

The initial reason why Trump even began running for President was because of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which was a huge threat to Israel’s dominance of the region.

“If he (Obama) makes that deal, Israel maybe won’t exist very long. We have to protect Israel,”  stated Trump a month before the deal was signed.

Two of Trump’s biggest donors, billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Bernard Marcus, backers of the Zionist Organization of America, then paved the way for his campaign.

One of the first things Trump did when elected to office was illegally bomb Syria. Only Israel stood to gain from a reckless war crime because it served the advancement of their Greater Israel project: a Zionist plan to take control of the Middle East.

Even now, despite announcing the withdrawal of US troops, US attacks in Syria have increased. An investigation conducted by Al Jazeera and The Intercept, found that there are about 50,000 to 60,000 people stuck in eastern Syria – which is dominated by Daesh – currently living under these US attacks.

“They just like to disrupt and mess everything up […] They bombed the places where they sell gasoline, or they sell cooking oil, or where they filter the water — they bomb all these places. They bomb everything just to make your life horrible.”

Daesh fighter

During his presidency, Trump has openly supported Israel’s illegal settlements and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by relocating the US Embassy.

A revitalized NWO swamp, however, could not be more evident than with Trump’s cabinet. It is now littered with bankers, war criminals, and so-called elites, many with Zionist connections: (list)

This is not a President at war with the deep state. This is one ushering it in.

The wall he is adamant about building is about keeping people in, not out. It will do nothing to deter the illegal drugs coming into the country. The drug runners, criminals, and human traffickers he refers to crossing our borders have very little to do with illegal immigrants and more to do with our intelligence agencies. If you want to stop drugs and criminals from coming in, dismantle the CIA.

These heroine deaths he cited in his address are the result of an opioid crisis we have brewing in this country engineered by pharmaceutical companies.

This is one major reason why we invaded Afghanistan, and why we will never leave – to take control and expand poppy field production. They’ve gone from not even being in the top 10 of poppy field growers in 2002 to being one of the forefront nations by 2014.

If Trump really cared about the safety and security of Americans, he would target these institutions instead of blaming illegal aliens.

If Donald Trump is allowed to declare a state of national emergency, it will not go in the way of the people. It will be to carry out the ultimate Zionist plan: UN Agenda 21/30.

We could potentially see mass arrests of activists, scientists, professors, anyone who goes against the mainstream narrative. The FEMA camps are ready.

He will more than likely fast pace the implementation of AI Facial recognition, a move towards a social score, the official launch of the internet of things, all paving the way for 5G and singularity – all under the guise of peace and security.

5G, Smart Dust and the Imminent Technological Possession of Mankind

A Global Financial Reset Has Already Begun

Trump and the Fed are working in tandem to facilitate an economic collapse at a speed that is manageable for them and mostly unnoticeable by us. What better a president than one who has managed 6 bankruptcies.

Trump’s actions speak for themselves:

“Through the implementation of economic sanctions on 10% of the world’s economies, instituting tariffs on their biggest importers, challenging the sovereignty of the Federal Reserve, calling for a much more devalued dollar, and of course revoking the Iran Deal, President Trump has pushed a large number of nations, both ally and adversary alike, to begin dumping dollars en masse and to begin seeing the call for an end to dollar hegemony in the financial system.”


In March of 2018, China introduced a new gold-backed yuan oil contract as a replacement to the petro dollar. The BRICS Nations are now transitioning over to this currency.

Update 1/11/19:Russia De-Dollarizes Deeper: Shifts $100 Billion To Yuan, Yen, And Euro

“The list of the 23 countries which are creating new swap lines outside of the dollar include China, Russia, India, and surprisingly, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. This means that the Eurozone itself is abandoning the dollar, and preparing for a transition to a new central banking system.”

Not To Worry, Central Banks Are Just About Ready With A Solution

Nov. 2018 at the Singapore Fintech Festival IMF Chair Christine Lagarde said central banks should consider the possibility of issuing digital currency.

“The advantage is clear. Your payment would be immediate, safe, cheap, and potentially semi-anonymous. And central banks would retain a sure footing in payments. In addition, they would offer a more level playing field for competition, and a platform for innovation. Meanwhile, your bank or fellow entrepreneurs would have ensured a friendly user experience based on the latest technologies.

What she really means is that they are ready with a one world digital currency.

The Fed by now controls nearly all blockchain projects and their cryptocurrencies. As soon as they decide to pull the plug, the algorithms that now dominate the majority of all financial trades will plunge like lemmings over a cliff. The bankers will be able to then seize all world assets for pennies on the dollar.

The world becomes theirs … on paper.

Our Future is Still Up to Us

This is a possible future that lays before us if we let it. There is still time to deviate from this path and onto one where Nikola Tesla’s research is out in the open.

The law of attraction is very real. You are at this time emitting a vibration that is adding to the collective sound produced by our species. Begin to shift your frequency and the overall sound will notice.

CIA Document Confirms Our Reality is a Hologram. The Law of Attraction is Real

Apr. 2016: Study published showing that meditation can prevent violent crime.

Large groups practicing the advanced Transcendental Meditation program were associated with significant reductions in U.S. homicide and urban violent crime rates during an intervention period of 2007-2010

If we begin to shift our frequency, we will begin to shift our reality.


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