“Governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy – their own population.”

Noam Chomsky

5G, the emergence of Nikola Tesla’s wireless transmission towers, geoengineering and the spraying of nano-particulates known as Smart Dust, America’s MUOS (Mobile User Objective System) satellite communications system in Sicily, artificial intelligence and the emerging global bioelectronic brain – all of it is connected.

Once fully operational, they will be able to control our minds. We will become neurons of a hive mind; worker ants to a ruling queen. 

We will lose our free will without even knowing it. 

5G: Weaponized Crowd Control Frequencies

All living beings are electromagnetic. Every thought and emotion is a measurable frequency. All of our bodily systems are regulated by EMF signals.

Since the introduction of Wi-FI in 1997, hundreds of studies have been performed to test its effects on humans and nature. The results have overwhelmingly shown that Wi-Fi:

“Today, unprecedented exposure levels and intensities of magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields from numerous wireless technologies interfere with the natural information system and functioning of humans, animals, and plants.  The consequences of this development, which have already been predicted by critics for many decades, cannot be ignored anymore.  Bees and other insects vanish; birds avoid certain places and become disorientated at others.  Humans suffer from functional impairments and diseases.  And insofar as the latter are hereditary, they will be passed on to next generations as pre-existing defects” (source)

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Multiple countries around the world have begun to or are attempting to ban Wi-Fi, specifically around schools and hospitals. Yet despite their efforts due to clear evidence, the next stage in wireless frequency transmission is set to bathe the world.

Over 200 scientists and physicians who have researched the biological and health effects of radiofrequency radiation have signed the 5G appeal, calling for a moratorium on the use of 5G technology.

The FCC is primarily staffed with former members of the telecommunications industry, including Tom Wheeler who is successfully fast-tracking 5G without any safety testing and with the help of media suppression.

Hear it yourself from the horse’s mouth:

Research has shown that the same frequencies used by the Department of Defense in crowd control weapons, create the foundation of 5G. Once 5G is implemented, the internet of things will go live.

No photo description available.

“There will be 5G transmitters on every block of every city connecting this “smart grid”. Alexa-type devices will monitor every home. Your smartphone” will track your every purchase, movement, discussion, emotion and thought. It will also implant and change your thoughts and emotions to ones more congruent with the Satanist agenda. Through Facebook, they know and will now play upon your weaknesses.” (source)

To counteract the growing awareness of the dangers that 5G will bring, you suddenly have the US Air Force releasing reports stating that America is vulnerable to EMP attacks and that 5G is crucial to its defense and must be protected.

“Because control of 5G is roughly equivalent to control of the Internet, open 5G is critical to freedom and free-market economics. Meanwhile, access to the 5G-millimeter wave bandwidth will be critical to operations in all war-fighting domains, in particular, space command & control.”

Critical read: 5G – From Blankets to Bullets

“The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called “phased array.” It will totally change the way cell towers and cell phones are constructed and will transform the blanket of radiation which has enveloped our world for two decades into a million powerful beams whizzing by us at all times.”

Remember that term, “phased array.”

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

Shortly after Truthstream Media released a video on their discovery of a Tesla Tower and its disturbing connections to the military, Jim at Victurus Libertas did some additional digging into Viziv technologies, the company behind the management of the tower, and discovered some alarming weaponized frequency patents connected to its officers.

One such patent: 10103452: Hybrid Phased Array Transmission

Image may contain: text

Another patent (10027177) discusses the necessity of a lossy conducting medium in order to move these waves. Victurus Libertas goes on to find that a lossy medium consists of molecules like aluminum, barium, ferrites, strontium, calcium, and lead. Having these molecules along with various others creates a much more conducive environment for their frequency patents.

Do those ingredients sound familiar?

Why We Are Being Sprayed

Geoengineering is real and has been implemented for decades, as I have discussed in a previous article.

Aside from the concoction of heavy metals and chemicals, we are also being sprayed with programmable “smart” molecules known as Smart Dust.

According to a U.S. military flier called Military Progress, “The green light has been given” to disperse swarms of wirelessly-networked nano-bots into the troposphere by remotely-controlled UAV drones for “global warming mitigation.” These smart particles will be capable of increasing/decreasing a storm’s size and intensity, as well as being able to steer it to specific targets. (source)

A leaked NASA document from the early 2000’s titled “The Future of War” goes into Micro Dust Weaponry and their plan to distribute via spraying:

Smart Dust will allow for satellites (MUOS) to track and manipulate any individual’s DNA.

By now we are all infected.

“Nanochips and Smart Dust are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips and Smart Dust have the capacity to infiltrate the human body, become lodged within, and begin to set up a synthetic network on the inside which can be remotely controlled from the outside.” (source)

This is the intelligent evil dust Julian Assange warned about in his last interview before his feed was cut.

MUOS: Mobile User Objective System aka Skynet

MUOS is a new satellite communications system developed by Lockheed Martin which will extend the offensive capacity of the United States to the entire planet by the summer of 2019.

The entire US military will be linked to a single command network under the control of the Pentagon.

In April of 2017, the Pentagon partnered with Google to launch Project Maven, also known as the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Function Team. Its goal is to develop and integrate “computer-vision algorithms needed to help military and civilian analysts encumbered by the sheer volume of full-motion video data that DoD collects every day in support of counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations,” according to the Pentagon.

“As numerous studies have made clear, the department of defense must integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning more effectively across operations to maintain advantages over increasingly capable adversaries and competitors.”

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Artificial Intelligence and the Emerging Global Bioelectronic Brain

“It could be terrible and it could be great. It’s not clear. One thing is for sure, we will not control it.”

Elon Musk (Joe Rogan Interview)

This is a topic I covered recently: The Human Blockchain and the Emerging Global Bioelectronic Brain. There is nothing I can say that the experts do not say more directly:

“… AI will not be restricted to humanoid robots. AI will live in all sorts of embedded devices, the internet of things, AI will live in the cloud. Much of the global AI mind will be broadly distributed around the planet in complex networks. 

When you look at the robots here on stage, they look like separate beings. While they are separate in body, actually through wifi connection, the robots, they all connect together in the cloud, into what we think of as AI mind cloud.”

– Ben Goertzel

“If things go well, perhaps my friends at Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET will create a superhuman AI program and I will be able to tap into superhuman intelligence from the decentralized blockchain-based mind cloud. Instead of speaking to you from up here on this stage, I’ll just beam my thoughts into your brains.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”


If all of this is true and all of this is connected as I have shown it to possibly to be, we are looking at singularity next year. This means that man and machine will be indistinguishable … by the end of next year. This isn’t just any human, this is all of us. Our DNA will be programmable via 5G frequencies and smart dust to then be connected to the hive mind in which our thoughts and behaviors can then be subjected to the AI mind cloud. They will be able to track anyone anywhere, control what you think, and terminate any dissenter at the push of a button.

So what can we do?

Firstly, get informed and make sure you understand UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030, understand Smart Cities and Smart Grids, understand 5G technology and the IoT (internet of things), understand that geoengineering is in fact occurring, understand nanochip and smart technology – here is a good starting point: Nanochips and Smart Dust: The Dangerous New Face of the Human Microchipping Agenda.

The human microchipping agenda “is” the transhumanist agenda – to turn all of humanity into cyborgs who are controlled by AI.  We have all breathed in the Smart Dust from chemtrails, and most of us have taken vaccines.

We are all infected.

Once the smart grid of 5G is completed, how will you avoid being controlled without your knowledge?

In my recent article CIA Document Confirms Our Reality is a Hologram. The Law of Attraction is Real, I quote:

“We utilize our collective consciousness to achieve desired objectives in the physical, emotional, or intellectual sphere. It involves concentration on the desired objective while in a Focus 12 state, extension of the individual’s perception of that objective into the whole expanded consciousness, and its projection into the universe with the intention that the desired objective is already a matter of established achievement which is destined to be realized within the time frame specified.

This particular methodology is based on the belief that the thought patterns generated by our consciousness in a state of expanded awareness create holograms which represent the situation we desire to bring about and, in so doing, establish the basis for actual realization of that goal.

Once the thought-generated hologram of the sought after objective is established in the universe it becomes an aspect of reality which interacts with the universal hologram to bring about the desired objective which might not, under other circumstances, ever occur.

In other words, the technique of patterning recognizes the fact that since consciousness is the source of all reality, our thoughts have the power to influence the development of reality in time-space as it applies to us if those thoughts can be projected with adequate intensity.” 

I have an idea that myself and others believe could stop this evil agenda, and that is if we get millions of us to unite to utilize the Law of Attraction to focus on one mutual statement, we can collectively utilize quantum physics to alter the future and make the future bright for all humanity:

In closing, if you desire to stop this evil let’s all collectively do the following:

  1. Share this article
  2. Read and memorize the following statement and put it out into the universe and believe it to be true as if it already occurred doing this within a Focus 12 state, then do this over and over, day after day.
  3. Copy this statement and ask others to do the same, this way we can achieve a collective effort to achieve the desired results

I do not consent to the elitist agenda. I am the master of my own free will and of my mind. The collective human consciousness will prevail. 


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