Regardless of whether you’re currently single or in a relationship, I bet there have been times you wished to be in the other category. It’s just human nature, we all want things in life, without really knowing whether we really want them.

Yep, even the most independent person in the world sometime misses someone to cuddle with or to share a success with. And even the happiest couple in the world sometime miss that sense of freedom that being single carries.

So, what’s better? How a coin has two sides, the relationship status has its pros and its cons.

Try to ask yourself some questions to figure out if you are ready for a relationship or you’re happy to be single:

  • Do you really want to share your life with another person? Are you ready to compromise? Are you ready to steal time from yourself and give it to another human-being?  And most importantly, are you really ready to give up rom-coms and start the Star Trek saga?
  • On the other hand, do you really want to spend the rest of your life in your pajamas in front of Netflix? Eating McDonald’s while scrolling through the photos of happy couples on Facebook? Do you really want to keep having no one to call after something serious or super-exciting has just happened to you?

Yes, being single has its perks but so does having a partner.

So, to really understand what’s better for you, I suggest making a pros and cons list. At least, this is what I have done. Should you need some help you can read my pros and cons list of being single or in a relationship.

But don’t forget that every person is different, so what could be a pro for me could be a con for you. And while you write down your pros and cons list don’t think about your previous relationships, not all relationships are the same.

Everything is about what you want, what you like, what makes you happy, really.

You choose, so choose the right thing!