This is the second time Jon Acuff joined Ryan Hawk on “The Learning Leader Show” and boy is it worth the listen. Jon is the author of five well-known books. His most recent is titled Finish – Give Yourself The Gift of Done.

One thing that stood out is how Jon views goal setting. You can’t just set a bunch of goals and expect your body to react optimally. There are, however, some things you can do to help (or trick) yourself into accomplishing things quicker.

  1. Attach a cause and effect situation to a goal.  If you respond to rewards, place a reward at the finish line.  If you respond to fear, place an unwanted circumstance as a punishment.
  2. Make sure you set realistic goals. Jon says, “Before I set a goal, I make sure it is the right size.” It doesn’t matter what goals you set, what timeframe you give yourself, or what rewards/fears you attach to them. If you set unreachable goals you are doing yourself a major disservice.
  3. Question yourself, “Is it harder to buy a treadmill or use the treadmill?”

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