A few days after canceling ‘Roseanne,’ due to the star Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets, ABC may be looking at a way to save the rest of the cast. In the wake of Barr’s tweets and firing, ABC has been trying to figure out how to fill the hole left by the cancelation. One of the show’s main characters may be the spin-off that fills in the primetime spot.

Barr’s firing leaves a massive hole

The cancelation of ‘Roseanne’ leaves a massive hole in ABC’s schedule. The show was pulling in millions of viewers, millions of dollars, and was the network’s number one show. ABC was even using the show as part of its pitch to investors. An Emmy campaign was also being put together.

But then Barr went on her racist rant, and everything came to a halt including the rest of the casts’ careers. Most of the cast came out to commend Barr’s remarks and tried to distance themselves from her, but ABC seems to have interest in keeping the rest of the cast.

Gilbert Tweets

So far five shows have been pitched to take over Roseanne’s spot including a spin-off that focuses on Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene. Darlene is one of the show’s most complex characters; growing from a sarcastic pre-teen to a confident young woman that wasn’t afraid to talk back to Roseanne.

Gilbert has been reaching out to other cast members to gauge their interest. John Goodman is eager along with Tom Werner who company produced the show. If the show comes together, it could have hundreds of jobs.

Could it work with Gilbert

For so many viewers the appeal of the show was the brash voice of Roseanne not necessarily Gilbert. Darlene is one of the show’s most important characters and it sounds like a lot of the cast could come back, but that doesn’t mean the spinoff could be successful. The idea of ‘Darlene’ is already getting mixed reactions on social media.

Some people are supporting the idea of Gilbert taking over the show or a spin-off focusing on John Goodman while others feel the show can’t carry on without Barr.