The story of Roseanne Barr and her TV show “Roseanne” are well known. Roseanne was widely popular in the late 80s and through most of the 90s, but when the show ended the first time, Barr fell out of the spotlight for the most part. In 2017, ABC revived “Roseanne” and made Barr a star again. The show was a smash hit until Barr took to Twitter.

Roseanne gets canceled

Before coming back to TV in 2017, Barr ran for president, opened a farm in Hawaii, and became a lightning rod for controversy. The comedian messed up the national anthem so bad President Bush called her out, she had a photoshoot dressed as Hitler, and often tweeted out racist comments along with conspiracy theories.

But despite everything, ABC gave her show back, and on the surface, it seemed like a great move. Only a few days into the first season, a second season was ordered. Then Barr took to Twitter and compared former Obama Advisor, Valerie Jarret, to an ape.

Barr said it was a joke and apologized, but the damage was done, and only a few hours later ABC announced there would be no season two of the “Roseanne” reboot on their network.

Roseanne may have another chance

Former Trump campaign aide, Michael Caputo, is coming to rescue Roseanne. Caputo is the chief marketing officer of streaming service Bond. Bond isn’t a widely-known service and can barely be found on google.

According to Wired, Bond wants to connect video creators with audiences through crowdfunding and investing. Bond calls itself “the future of entertainment powered by Blockchain.” Caputo believes that blockchain can be used to “tip the balance of political power in Hollywood.”

Caputo didn’t expand much on his statement but did assert that blockchain is the future. He also stated that he hadn’t reached out to Roseanna yet, but plans to do so “immediately.”

It’s unclear if Barr would even consider Caputo’s offer. Most of the cast of “Roseanna” distanced themselves from the comedian shortly after her comments, and a few quit before the show was even canceled. Barr has continued to be active on Twitter.