That’s the answer to the question asked in the headline.

Must be some kind of NFL record, though I can’t verify it.

It’s how the New Orleans Saints have dealt with rookie free-agent quarterback and former Ohio State star J.T. Barrett, who was among the team’s final roster cuts on Aug. 30 before he joined the practice squad on Sept. 1.

Barrett was released from the practice squad three times in September and rejoined it three times that month. In October, there were two cuts and two re-signings for Barrett, and on Nov. 24, when he was on the sidelines to watch his Buckeyes beat down Michigan 62-39 in Columbus, the Saints waived him for the seventh time.

Drew Brees


His longest time as a practice player was from Oct. 27 until two days after Thanksgiving and the briefest stint was Oct. 20-24.

All these moves come months after NFL scouting expert Dan Shonka said Barrett was “going to be hard to cut.” That quote was published in a story July 2, just weeks before the Saints opened training camp.


Barrett started camp with a chance to back up the Saintliest New Orleans Saint of all. You know, this guy wearing No. 9.

A month later, the Saints made Teddy Bridgewater their No. 2 quarterback after a trade with the New York Jets and Taysom Hill won the No. 3 spot because even though he is just a second-year player, Hill might be the best multitasking athlete in the NFL.

Saturday is the beginning of a new month. It will be the 1st of December.

The way J.T. Barrett’s season is trending, he might return to the Saints practice squad next week.




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