The Secret of Using Turmeric

How much curry can one really eat?

Sure Turmeric is good for you and maybe you just read an article about its superfood status. You know that it is so potent it can be considered a pharmaceutical. Curcumin, the stuff that makes turmeric yellow, is recognized by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and academic investigators around the world as a potent anti-carcinogen because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

…and probably the best source available is from my good friend Shaun Nunes over at Crunch Fitness – BlackHawk, a 20 year master trainer and physique competitor, who says “Honestly, I’m mad at myself for not learning about it years ago! I feel the effects pretty much immediately. I train real hard 6x/wk and don’t feel any inflammation or stress in my body.”

The trick is, how do you get a serving every day without committing to curry and soup for the rest of your life?

Drum roll, please…

One habit alone has changed me from a Turmeric-wishing to a Turmeric-eating type of person: my love for rice, pasta and potatoes.


Finally a time when your love for carbs will go in the plus column. Simply add it to all of your starches to create a nice yellow color to your dishes and as an added benefit, you can leave out the butter and oil. Turmeric has a rich texture that leaves a fat-laden feeling to your meal without the fat – simply miraculous!

Never before has feeling healthy tasted so good or been easier than this simple hack.

Need an extra boost in super concentrated form to help your immune system give illness and disease a good kick in the behind?

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