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It’s that time of week again- the day everyone dreads because it means the start of another long work week. What better way to start it, then to hear about wine adventures? If you’re looking for an escape from busy NYC, then Long Island wine country is the perfect getaway. It was such a peaceful beautiful weekend filled with lots of sun and wine. Best of all, it was only a 2-hour drive from the city and there were literally no tolls on the way (aka saving $$).

I toured Macari Vineyard first where I tasted a flight of 5 wines (mix of red and white) and relaxed with their gorgeous grape vineyard as the backdrop. The wines tasted of high quality and I loved the sweetness of the white wines. The flight of 5 wines was $20 and they let you sit at tables on their patio instead of just standing at the bar.

The second stop of the day was the family-friendly Baiting Hollows Farm Vineyard. In addition to creating wines, BHFV also rescues horses! A portion of its proceeds goes towards the caring of these horses, which is simply amazing. This winery allows you to choose a number of wines you want to taste and allocates the cost accordingly. I chose to taste 3 wines, which ended up being $9. If you are looking for a peaceful wine setting, BHFV definitely isn’t for you as there are kids running around, people dancing, and live music playing.

If you want to read more about my Long Island adventures, head to my blog Toast and Travel!

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Toast and Travel (Kathleen)

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Kathleen Song
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