Travelling is associated with fun, pleasure and holidays. Sometimes it is also related to work. When the travel is work related, we don’t usually worry too much about travel insurance. This is because such things are taken care of by the office. However, when you travel for pleasure travel insurance or holiday insurance becomes something that has to be seriously considered. Today, we shall try and learn everything you need to know about travel insurance.

Travel Insurance

Should I Buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance?

To answer this question, take a look at your life insurance policy, health care policy, and personal auto policy. See what all they cover. Be clear whether it is valid outside the state and country both. If it is valid, you can just buy a travel cover that suits your requirements but does not include all that which is already covered through your other policies.

If your existing policies do not hold valid outside the state and country, you should buy a comprehensive cover.

What Is Covered By Travel Insurance

Medical Expenses

Nobody can guarantee good health always. Therefore, a good travel insurance policy should provide you with medical coverage. It should be able to cover the cost of getting treatment (doctor fees and cost of medicines) and hospitalization charges.

Emergency evacuation Expenses

When you go on a cruise or travel to some remote location, falling ill or getting injured would necessitate medical treatment. This means getting you evacuated to a place where such services are readily available. Cost of transportation in emergency situations is very high. Getting special insurance for this will go a long way in keeping you financially secure.

Flight Delay & Cancellation

All air travelers are well aware that this is a normal occurrence. Sometimes this happens because of technical problems and other times due to bad weather conditions. In any case, this may result in added expenditure in the form of hotel stay, meals, and transportation.

Baggage Delay, Damage & Loss

Travel insurance should cover any expense incurred due to delay, damage, and loss of baggage. If required it should have an immediate cash payment stipulation.

When these aspects are covered, your travel insurance is adequate.

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