A few days back I was researching on the internet for the biggest and the most prominent insurance fraud cases. What took me completely by surprise was the fact that the sinking of the Titanic was also considered as one. Now, we all have been bitten by the Titanic bug at one time or the other in our life. It was after all an architectural wonder that was going to change the maritime travels. What was once considered to be completely dependent on the elements of nature would become safe for all.

Conspiracy Theory I

The first theory is relatively simple. Titanic had a sister ship by the name of Olympia, both belonging to the White Star Line. During one of its voyages, Olympia collided with HMS Hawke. As a result, it suffered damage to the extent that it was declared not worthy of sailing any longer. Since Olympic looked a lot like the Titanic, the White Star Line owners decided to switch the two. So, the ship that actually sank was the Olympic and White Star Line claimed insurance on Titanic. One could say that this was a case of identity theft in the material sense.

Conspiracy Theory II

There was a Catholic order by the name of Jesuits who wished to have complete control over the world economy. They propagated the setting up of the Federal Reserve outside the constraints of the U.S. Government. This reserve would have the power to influence the financial conditions in the U.S. economy, to begin with. They would also be in a position to supervise and regulate the banking system in the country and at the same time provide financial services to the government, depository institutions, and official foreign establishments etc. All in all, they wanted to become powerful financially.

Now, the Federal Reserve had a lot of resistance as well from people of power. So, these people who resisted its formation were invited to travel on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. The sinking of which was thus orchestrated to clear all opposition. Noteworthy is the fact that the ship’s captain, Edward Smith, too was a Jesuit who followed God’s will.     

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