Peter King is a legendary sportswriter whose column “Monday Morning Quarterback” is a staple for many NFL fans. However, King plans to leave Sports Illustrated and end MMQB to focus solely on television. The last “Monday Morning Quarterback” is King’s thank you letter to editors, coaches, and players, with Brett Favre getting the longest note.

Favre goes to rehab

It was no secret that Brett Favre once attended rehab for a Vicodin addiction. In fact, the legendary QB has been relatively open about his struggle and experience. However, Favre recently told King that he attended rehab three times.

During the 1995 season, King was allowed a week of behind-the-scenes access to the Green Bay Packers. King would be at Favre’s house and note that despite the long days Favre would still have tons of energy later at night. Favre admitted that large doses of Vicodin kept him up and wired.

Favre said that he would take 14 pills a day and get maybe two to three hours of sleep a night. That year would also become an MVP season for the Packer’s QB. Favre checked into a 720 days rehab stint in Kansas City shortly after the season ended.

Favre later admitted that he was checked back into rehab one more time for another pill addiction and drinking. Then a third time solely for a binge drinking problem. Brett said that some of the trips he agreed with, while others he tried to fight his agent and wife about.

Favre’s last trip to rehab was back in 1998.

Favre finally happy in retirement

Favre retired and unretired a handful full of times before stepping away in 2010.  Even after being retired rumors swirled that Favre could come back and that he wasn’t happy in retirement. Favre said that a visit with retired Auburn coach Pat Dye changed all of that.

Dye was 78 years old when Favre came to stay with him. Favre said that Dye showed him around and reminded him that the trophies and memorabilia are “the stuff that really doesn’t matter.”

Favre said that after the visit he thought to himself, “So that’s what it’s going to be like. And it’s good.”

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