The Russian hacking of our Democratic Process…

Not long after President Obama lectured Trump that “Our election can’t be hacked”, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and company were saying exactly that. We now see that Russian officials may have purchased Facebook ads, but the Russia hacking claims started at one place, John Podesta’s emails.

Wikileaks has released 1,000’s of emails between John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. The claim is that Russia hacked the DNC servers, and that Wikileaks is a “Russian Agent”, an editor of emails and intentional disruptor of elections. The claim of editing emails is important because the emails show absolutely disgusting actions. The innocent stuff ranges from rigging the primaries to receiving debate questions from CNN and much more. The not so innocent emails involve pedophilia, assassination plots, and “making an example out of leakers”.

But why would they need to make an example of leakers? Well, four of our intelligence agencies agreed with Hillary, that the claims of Russian email doctoring is true. However, the facts say otherwise.

The rate at which these emails were downloaded, 23MB/s, would only be possible if they were downloaded at the physical location that they were being stored (i.e. a leaker on-site). In fact, the first person leaking these emails wasn’t Wikileaks. On July 22, 2016, Guccifer 2.0, a copycat name of a known hacker, released five emails, and claimed he hacked the emails and provided them to Wikileaks. The emails he released had Russian imprints which was supposed to prove the hack.

However, looking at the metadata of the Guccifer files below tells a different story.

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Guccifer 2.0 isn’t a Russian spy. And he’s not the hacker.

He’s most likely someone within the DNC who knew these emails had been taken, and did this to get in front of the story, while framing Russia interference. There’s a reason a whole year later, the only Russian remnants that remain are Facebook ads. Luckily, we don’t have Hillary in office still shouting about the evil Kremlin and leading us towards a conflict worse than North Korea.