Apple just keeps going. Announced in late August, the tech authority will be building a facility in Des Moines, Iowa that should be completed by 2020. The pricing of this facility comes at no small cost either, as it will run Apple just north of $1 billion.

The new facility will create over 500 construction jobs in the area and they will also be contributing $100 million to a Public Improvement fund that focuses on community development in the area. At the very least, it’s clear that Apple is definitely trying to keep up its public image in America’s eyes. The biggest news about the Iowa facility is that it will purely run on renewable energy. Apple has made and shown commitments to “going green” and wants to power all of their locations and operations with 100% renewable energy.

The main use of the facility according to the company is to assist customers with iMessage, Siri, and app store items. It will also assist with general Apple product capability and functions. This comes at a relatively good time as the company just announced two new iPhones in 2017 alone. One can only think of the big moves they have in store for future iterations of their phones after the groundbreaking ‘iPhone X’ was recently introduced. This being the first phone to have a full screen with no additional buttons on the face.

It’s amazing how much this company continues to grow and innovate at such a rapid pace. Constantly coming up with fresh ideas that can benefit the world around us, not just in our hands, but also in our environment. Apple is back at it again.