We’re quick to change energy providers to save a few bucks on gas and electricity, but we never really think about switching our own personal energy to gain a more peaceful and abundant existence.

We are energy; our every thought, feeling, desire, and action omits an energetic vibration flowing out into the atmosphere of our universe, causing reactions that we’re ignorant of. There’re 12 natural laws governing the energies of the universe including us, and these are the laws which also supply us with the power to transform our lives, simply by switching our energies. Here’s the simplified version.

Law of Divine Oneness – As energy, we’re all connected and have a direct impact on each other.

Law of Vibration – Energy is always moving and the most dominant vibration is a magnet for more of the same.

Law of Action Consistent actions, in harmony with our thoughts and desires, manifest things in the physical world.

Law of Correspondence – Everything in our physical world; relationships, wealth, health, is a mirror image of our inner world.

Law of Cause and Effect – “You reap what you sow”. Everything we do or think has a reaction or a consequence.

Law of Compensation – Our deeds are compensated with gifts, money, inheritances, friendships, and other blessings, or lack thereof, depending on the deeds.

Law of Attraction – Energy attracts energy. Our world is created by our thoughts, feelings. words and actions.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – Energy is in constant motion, and higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones.

Law of Relativity – We all experience challenges, and only through comparing our problems do we gain perspective as we realize there’s always someone worse off.

Law of Polarity – This is the law of mental vibrations. We can transform undesirable thoughts, by focusing on the opposite pole.

Law of Rhythm – All vibrations move to rhythms, establishing seasons, cycles, and patterns. Highs and lows are as regular as night and day.

Law of Gender – Both the masculine and the feminine are required for life to exist.This governs creation.

Our beliefs govern our actions, and here lies our blocks to manifesting our desires.

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Abby Hussein
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