Maintaining privacy is a matter of grave concern these days. People using the internet want to ensure that nobody can access their data. In this quest for greater confidentiality, popular messaging platforms too had to reform themselves. Whatsapp became encrypted to keep customers happy. However, emails have so far been a point of controversy. None of the email service providers have delivered on this at least for the free accounts. Well, its time to be happy. Protonmail is the first and only email service provider that guarantees end-to-end encrypted mail and that too free.

Why Email Encryption?

Protonmail Encrypted

Email encryption is the necessity of times. It ensures apart from you nobody else can read your emails…not even the service provider. Therefore, nobody can access your passwords and other profile information which is sensitive in nature.

What Does Protonmail offer?

Protonmail offers free encrypted email. Free accounts get 500 MB of online storage while paid get up to 20 GB. All emails delivered to the inbox are encrypted and decrypted only when opened. No copy of this email is left behind anywhere on the server. Good thing is that while creating an email account Protonmail does not ask for any private information.

Pros Of Protonmail

  • End-to-end encryption for maximum security.
  • For quick access, it has both iOS and Android apps.
  • You can set the emails to expire.
  • You can create color-coded and custom-named labels for categorizing email.

Cons Of Protonmail

  • It doesn’t allow collection of email from other accounts.
  • Login security needs to be stepped up with a two-step authentication process.
  • Doesn’t offer quick reply suggestions.
  • Traditional email folders are not available.

Is Protonmail Necessary?

If you are looking for free end-to-end encrypted emails, yes Protonmail is the answer. If you are ready to pay for encryption, you can always look for an alternate service provider. However, most of us are free account holders and hence, it makes sense to cinch security a little. If it’s offered for free, even better. Protonmail saves the day for most of us.


Protonmail is the place to be if you want end-to-end encryption free of charge.

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