Wearable technology has made great strides in the last 10 years. There was a time when a smartwatch was considered to be the one which showed day and date, in addition to time. Then came the compass, altimeter & the chronometer. And now, a smartwatch can show not only calls, messages and notifications but can also track your fitness. However, this is not the end of it. We are now moving into the future where everything gets connected to every other thing. Data flows from one to the other. This is the IoT in wearable technology. A small device worn by you will have the power to control and automate most of your life.

IoT in Wearable Technology

As of now, the most common usage of a wearable device is to keep track of your health. Doctors sometimes prescribe it to their patients in order to track their wellness. And most health-conscious people use it proactively to keep a score of their performance on various health parameters. Hence, the growing popularity of fitness bands.

The Future Of Wearable Tech

In the near future, wearable technology will evolve further and integrate cohesively with the Internet of Things. Imagine sitting in office you could instruct your TV to record the next episode of your favorite sci-fi series. Similarly, your refrigerator would let you know what groceries you are running short on etc. However, these are just baby steps.

The real deal lies in exploiting its true potential. For example, based on your heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature fluctuations the wearable device lets you know that you are now about to fall ill. It then sends a signal to your doctor with all your symptoms. Your doctor studies the data and prescribes the medicines. This data goes to your pharmacy and your insurance company. All you get is a notification on a device worn by you that your medicines are ready. How cool is that?

Size Matters

When it comes to wearable tech, size matters. It is because very soon it could take the form of a device embedded in your body. So, smaller the better. It’s all about innovation at it’s best.

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