Today we continue the journey to your personal greatness, prosperity, and success. If you succeed as an individual, your family will succeed. Successful families build successful communities. Together, we will change our communities and our nation. Let’s continue:

FUNDAMENTAL #5: Constantly Upgrade Yourself

This virtue is so critical that although I have listed it as number five, it could have been first. YOU are so central to the success equation because YOU are the core input into your success formula. The old version of YOU might not be 2018 compatible, so it is time for an upgrade. You need to reformat your mind and load an upgrade version of Mind Operating Software (MOS). MOS is an analogy that I use to explain that your mind is like the computer or cell phone operating software.

Try using WhatsApp on a Nokia 3110 and tell me if you will succeed.  Or try surfing the internet on an “ordinary phone”. If you have a computer running on Windows 95, you cannot expect to be at par with a friend who is on Windows 8. The point is that the more the upgraded is the phone or computer and its operating software, the faster, the better and the more things you can do with it. The same is true with your mind, it must be constantly upgraded in order for you to handle the new challenges you face in life.

Albert Einstein once said that you cannot solve problems using the same level of thinking that created them in the first place. You must first upgrade your thinking and then try to attempt solving your problems. Your current thinking has brought you as far as you are today. If you desire to achieve more, you will need to upgrade your thinking capabilities.  2018 will come with new sophisticated challenges. The “old you” might not be compatible and advanced enough to deal with the challenges.

Take time to upgrade your thinking. Read mind-challenging and -sharpening books. Attend seminars that will give you better and advanced knowledge and skills. Associate with positive and progressive people so that you learn from them and develop your own thinking capabilities. Listen to inspirational and motivational teachings that can challenge your mind.

Let me stress this: you will only achieve success inasmuch as your mind is transformed and upgraded. “As a man thinketh, so is he”. You become what you think about. You will only rise as far as you let your mind develop. We will explore this critical virtue a bit more later.

ACTION POINT: Commit to read one inspirational book every month. (We recommend this one.) By December 2018, you must read at least 12 books. Take notes as you read and develop action plans which you must execute. Commit to also attend at least one Personal Development Seminar each quarter. Attend workshops/seminars on business, personal finance, investments, or whatever topic you need to learn.

Thanks for reading—join me here.