In these modern times, the individual genius no longer comes to prominence in the same way that it did in history. You rarely hear of the likes of Sir Isaac Newton, Isambard Kingdom Brunel or an Albert Einstein anymore as inventions and breakthroughs are often done collectively, or without fanfare.

There are some though who break that mold and may be taught in schools in 100 years the same way that the names mentioned are today. One of those people could well be Elon Musk, who only seems to be starting on his journey of changing the world.

He already has done this with his company that bears the name of another historic genius, Tesla. The car company has changed the game when it comes to car makers and in a few short years, everyone will be following in his path. All car companies are moving toward electric cars and in the future, it’ll account for almost all of the cars on the road with the technology that Musk pioneered.

He already changed the way people go about their lives with being one of the driving forces behind PayPal before its sale to eBay for $1.5bn in 2002. The number of companies that he has, or had, involvement in is vast. Each one is trying to push the boundaries and find solutions to life’s problems – companies like The Boring Company, that aims to alleviate traffic congestion with tunnels.

It’s perhaps through his work with solar energy, batteries and space exploration that mark him as one of the most important men in the world. He is striving for a greener future and taking Earth into the modern world, and one where renewable energy is the standard and not the exception. He is relentless searching for improvements to the way the Earth is run.

He is only 46 and has already achieved so much. Over the next 20 years, he could have left behind an incredible legacy of numerous companies that have changed the world for the better. In classrooms of the future, we could be looking back at one of the most important men to have ever lived.