The arrival of the three Kings on the 5th January each year is an event carried out and celebrated across Spain as Spanish children eagerly await their Christmas gifts.

The streets fill with children and adults of all ages to see the three wise men arrive into cities, towns and harbours across the country.

As with many fiestas in Spain, it’s not uncommon for the evening to begin with a firework display, lighting up the sky in all the Christmas colours of reds, greens and silver before finishing with golds and purples as the Kings themselves arrive.

They make their way through the crowds of children waiting to see them whilst music, laughter and gasps of glee fill the air.  The Kings and other local schools and groups wear festive fancy dress and board decorated floats, joining together in a parade.

The parades can consist of favourite children’s characters, horses, the Kings and the final float is from the mines, carrying bags of sweet coal for the smaller children.

As the floats slowly travel through the streets, they play music.  The passengers dance and sweets are thrown into the streets, until reaching their destination, most commonly the town hall.  Gifts are unloaded to be delivered to children during the night.

With pockets full of sweets and smiles on faces it is time to head home, by eight o’clock in the evening the streets are quieter again as people head for home for family celebrations and children await the arrival of their gifts.

Sweet crown cakes are eaten to celebrate the arrival of the kings, with a glass of cava or a tot of whisky.

The 6th of January is the final day of the two weeks long Christmas time, as trees and decorations are put away for another year.

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