Well, I am definitely not a technology expert. But like most of you, I have an inquisitive mind. Needless to say, this curious cat decided to dig in and find out what all this noise about IoT is all about. Everyone is talking about it but nobody is describing it or telling what it really is. Is the internet about to be replaced or is the world coming to an end and this is a code for it? Fear, not fellow comrades’, it is nothing that brutal.

Welcome, IoT!
IoT or Internet of Things is just that, things connected to the internet. For those who are technologically challenged like me, Internet of Things refers to the interconnectivity of devices and objects so that they can be remotely controlled through the internet. The common theme, or the thing connecting all these devices, is the data. The term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Center.

IoT Today
IoT is still a relatively new concept. We use it unknowingly in various fields of life but fail to acknowledge its existence. This is primarily due to the reason that until recently people were blind to its scope. Today, IoT is breaking away from the past to forge a new future. A future that is inclined to make our lives easy. At the moment IoT is gaining momentum in small fragments. Each and every company is developing its own platform and applications to connect with their customers. Along the way, they are gathering important customer data. This data forms the basis for connecting with them and recognizing their requirements without asking.

Future Of IoT
IoT is a revolutionary concept that aims to connect every device embedded with sensors or a computing system in the near future. Imagine you could monitor where your pet is from home with the help of a biochip transponder. There is no need to worry about them getting lost anymore. IoT will not only help build smart homes and smart businesses but will also help the nations in becoming technologically smart. Medical and healthcare, transportation, environmental monitoring etc., nothing will remain untouched.

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