It’s a proven fact that mixing sugar, caffeine, and alcohol is the perfect concoction for a hangover – but we all do it anyways. What if I told you there was a way to drink even better-tasting craft cocktails, but have a much better morning after? Owl’s Brew, a company founded by two “tea-drinking” boozers, is brewed simply with agave, water, and different types of tea. From there, they add natural ingredients such as coconut or lemon peel. The lack of sugar and addition of healthy tea ingredients helps with the hangover in the morning – think natural vitamins and minerals – but also tastes good.

Owl’s Brew comes in eight different flavor options, and each bottle has a special suggested recipe alongside suggested alcohols to mix with listed. You can purchase yours here. Options include: 

The Classic: English Breakfast tea, lemon peel, lime juice 

Salted Caramel Toddy: White tea, black tea, sea salt and caramel

Grapefruit Collins: Lemon Verbena tea, black pepper, and grapefruit 

Mulling Spices: Mulling spices tea, cranberry, and apple 

Wicked Green: Green tea, habanero, lime

White and Vine: White tea, watermelon, and pomegranate

Pink and Black: Darjeeling tea, strawberry, hibiscus 

Coco-Lada: Chai tea, coconut, pineapple

Although Owl’s Brew suggests mixing with two parts brew and one part booze, they also offer a full recipe book (and online book) of drink options involving booze, Owl’s Brew, and other simple ingredients. One incredible option is an Owl & The Mule – their take on the classic Moscow mule with a little twist. This only requires The Classic, ginger beer, and lime – alongside whatever liquor you prefer.  

By far, the best thing about Owl’s Brew is how low calorie the mixers are. While the classic vodka/water/lime has about 95 calories, Owl’s Brew has a lowly 35-45, depending on the mix you choose. To read more about calorie comparisons, lesser hangovers and why you should switch to a healthy chaser now, visit here. 

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Amelia Weiss
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