The purpose of fear, at it’s most primal, is to trigger the fight or flight survival mechanism to motivate us into action. Fear is inevitable, it’s with us at all times, whether at the forefront of our minds or in the recesses. It’s there to protect us, and act as our very own security system, but when we aren’t mindful of this, it can become debilitating. Looking at fear as an ally, as opposed to an enemy will greatly increase your ability to use your fear wisely and to your advantage. I’m going to outline the reasons why doing this can and will empower your life.

Fearful v Fearless

As fear is inevitable, it’s of paramount importance that you quit trying not to be afraid. The acceptance of fear returns your power back to you, so go ahead and claim it back now…acknowledge fear’s purpose of protection and accept it’s offer of assistance.

Rational v Irrational

A lot of the time our fears are irrational, which is mostly due to the stories we’ve attached to whatever it is we fear. These stories stem from a hotpot of self-beliefs, experience, cultural and religious influences, parental and peer pressure, media of all kinds, etc. Strip the facts from these stories and you’ll find a fear that at one point may have been rational, and question if it’s still valid for your situation today.

Action v Inaction

Courage is about being afraid and grabbing hold of the fear and taking it along with you on your journey. Fear has an arsenal of never-ending possibilities involving your demise, its pure purpose being to scare you into inaction. Separate the fact from fiction and taking action no longer seems so daunting.

Empowerment is opening up to new perceptions, creating new opportunities and reclaiming the power that got taken from us as well as the power we willingly gave away. It’s natural to be afraid, it’s an epic task, which is why I’m dedicated to helping you reclaim your power with the Fire Starter Sessions.

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