Danish duo Whisky Sound have introduced a new way to taste whisky.

They present the notes using sound.

This concept has been so well received they are traveling from their home land of Denmark to Scotland to perform at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh this October.

The SMWS have stated: “Their innovative approach of our beloved spirit is one that matches the Society ethos so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase their talent to our members.”

So how is it possible to connect sound to taste?

Whisky Sound is described by them to be a ‘multi-sensory experience’.

They compose and perform music that relates to whisky.  Each individual whisky expression has its own piece of music composed for it.

The music notes represent those on the nose and pallet, changing with them to express and enhance the aromas, tastes and finish.

Niels Dalum, Viola player and Nikolaj Kynde, Electronic sound artist said: “We have worked for several years with sound and taste.  For over a year we have been developing this format in small private tasting sessions in Denmark.”

They recently traveled to Scotland, showcasing their concert and searching for more sounds to represent the whiskies.

Niels and Nikolaj said: “We haven’t heard of anyone that serves whisky and music together with our analytical approach. We are ensuring that every taste of the whisky is represented with music.

“We synchronize each of our concerts tastings with music and stories, progressively giving our audience an insight to the connection and complexity of taste and sound, one dram at a time.”

Just a short time after their first visit, Whisky Sound are returning to Scotland.

Niels and Nikolaj have received the whiskies to be tasted on the night and are carefully composing the matching music.

“We met with the SMWS during our research tour,” they said.  “We were very intrigued by their methods of understanding and talking about whisky.  For us, taste and story is key to understanding whiskies.

“We see the SMWS as an excellent match for our project.

“We are extremely honoured to play for an organization that is associated with some of the finest whiskies.”

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Jennifer Hardy
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