Brexit shocked the world. The idea of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union didn’t seem reasonable, but when the final vote was counted the vote to leave narrowly beat the vote to stay. The vote divided the nation and Europe, but the UK’s government started working on a clean exit from the EU. However, only two years after the vote the dream of Brexit could be over.

Boris Johnson leaves

Boris Johnson was one of the leading Brexiter but suddenly decided to quit as foreign secretary. In his resignation letter, Johnson claimed that the UK would become a “colony” if Theresa May’s Brexit plan takes place.

“The trouble is that I have practiced the words over the weekend and find that they stick in the throat. Since I cannot in all conscience champion these proposals, I have sadly concluded that I must go,” Boris wrote.

Downing Street first announced Johnson’s resignation before he even had a chance to finish his letter. In response, Boris released his letter before the prime minister could issue a statement. Traditionally both parties would release a statement at the same time.

Brexit letterbrexit letter

Johnson went on to write that he felt May’s new plan was only “a semi-Brexit” with a significant part of the economy “locked in the EU system.”

Reactions from across the rest of Europe were mixed. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, seemed to suggest Johnson leave could mean the end of Brexit.


Theresa May could be challenged

Prime Minister Theresa May now faces a political crisis with her government on the edge of falling apart. May’s newest Brexit plan adopted a “common rulebook,” a proposal that hardline Brexiters were worried about.

May is now warning her party that it must come together or face the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn coming to power. It is being rumored that support for a no-confidence vote could grow and shake up the leadership of the country.

Corbyn is the leader of the Labor Party and a harsh critic of May and Brexit. Corbyn said that Johnson is getting off a “sinking ship.” Supporters of May believe that she would win a contest.