As a parent, I am worried how technology is affecting my children. I am sure most of you are as well. Although I am very strict about not giving them mobile and iPad to play games or browse the internet, yet their peers are using them. The lure and temptation even though not present at home, is still as high as can be thanks to peer pressure. Parents, who don’t want to deal with their children, and want some peace and quiet at home, are usually the ones who fall prey to technology. But is that right? After all, having kids was your own decision and you knew what you were getting into. Not only that, the implications of what you are doing are not just confined to your turf but are wide and far-reaching.

I had a talk with my elder son who is nearly 8 years old about good and bad uses of technology. How a game called “Blue Whale” is being used to extract personal information and harm oneself. He said, “If it can hurt us then why do parents allow their children to use devices without any control?” This really had me thinking, why in spite of knowing its ill effects we are still OK with our children using technology without any supervision and guidance. What ill effects you want to know? Well for one they are always indoors, physical activity is greatly reduced, they don’t want to study, communication with parents is zero. Moreover, what sites they are visiting and what games they are playing aren’t in our control anymore.

When we were kids we had televisions, music systems, and handheld video games to appease our thirst for technology. But still, we faced no problem in using computers and mobiles when we grew up. So, do not cover your shortcomings by saying that technology is good for kids as it increases their mental faculties and hand-eye coordination.

Judicious use of technology under proper guidance is good for kids. A healthy mix of indoors and outdoors is what is required to make families whole together again. Prudent use of technology is good. Be wise think well.     

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Mahima Tiwari
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