It’s February.  The month of love, romance and all those gestures that surround Valentine’s Day.

What will you be sharing with your true love this month?

A meal with a dram? 

Enjoy your meal out even more with a dram or two of whisky.  The lighter coloured, Bourbon matured whiskies are much better as an aperitif, whereas a sherry matured whisky is much better as a digestif.

A bottle? 

Whisky is known to make people frisky. Stay in with a bottle after checking out what The Whisky Exchange are recommending for this year.

Visit a Distillery? 

Distilleries generally look romantic and nothing can fill your heart with whisky joy more than smelling it comes to life during a tour.  Distilleries worldwide are open to the public so where’s your nearest one?

Cook for them? 

There are so many recipes that can be made with your favorite tipple. From prawn pots and glazed chicken to a sweet DramBrulee, check out some of these taken from The Whisky Kitchen.

Sit around the bonfire? 

Nothing is more romantic than sitting around the bonfire, watching the flames of the bush TV glow against your true love’s face. The only thing that can make that better is a whisky full of the tastes of peat smoke.

Read some poetry?

Famous poet and songwriter Robert Burns was known for his love of the opposite sex, for his romantic words and for his love of whisky.  If you can’t quite manage to write your own, I’m sure it’s OK to borrow his.

Go for a picnic? 

Fill the basket with savory treats and yummy sweets.  Remember to fill the hip flask and find a romantic spot.

Create a cocktail? 

Whisky cocktails are the perfect way to get the private party started.

A Whisky Coffee? 

To ensure that no one falls asleep, try from a selection of Whisky Coffees…guaranteed to keep you both up all night!

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Jennifer Hardy
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