BABA: Alibaba is one of the world’s largest marketplaces but that’s not all I care about. Alibaba is also responsible for the care of the most valuable financial technology company in the world. Formerly known as Alipay, Ant Financial Services Group unveiled their facial recognition technology to allow for a more secure financial Transactions. Bullish to 240

AMZN: The brainchild of the world’s richest man, it’s a no-brainer why I am bullish on this
stock. It’s essentially a more developed version of Alibaba, however, it has also entered the food space by its 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods. Bullish to 1450

TSLA: The financials of TSLA are shaky, some people see the company at book value of around 25 dollars per share, however the lack of ability to turn a profit isn’t linked with a failure of the company. The vision of the company is to completely redesign the American energy system. Musk is also involved in space travel, hyper loops, and previously sat on one of President Trumps Advisory Committees. Bullish to 420

MU: Micron Technology is an extremely volatile company that relies heavily on the cost of
memory to turn profits. In 2015 and 2016 costs were low and they reported almost two years of negative growth. Semi-conductors, cloud computing, and IoT are the hot commodities in the tech industry today and Micron is in the middle of the crossroads. Many analysts are predicting 40 and 50% growth rates but I am under the impression that this company is able to go even higher. Bullish to 65

AMD: Advanced Microdevices is a captivating company because they wear two hats and do it with a high proficiency. They are the main rival to NVIDIA in the GPU realm and they are second only to INTC. AMD is also going to embark on a new chip called an Application Processing Unit which will combine its CPU and GPU into a single chip. AMD has had 4 straight Earnings beats and I don’t see the momentum stopping soon. Bullish to 14.50

NVIDIA: This stock saw tremendous growth in 2017 and it will inevitably slow down but making less money isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since the portfolio is still green. NVIDIA will not see another price doubling but while it begins to focus on its new product line. NVIDIA is absolutely killing the competition at CES with its massive gaming displays and its new GPUs that are impervious to meltdown.