We’ve all experienced it. As consumers, we look for something or someone online and we find a ton of information that may or may not be what we’re looking for. Perhaps on one platform, we find a page with the same name but a different logo than what we recognize. Or maybe on one platform, the bio indicates that the company or person sells one thing but on another platform, the company seems to sell something completely different. Is this even the same person or company? That’s a question you never want prospects to ask themselves. An inconsistent brand on social media can not only deter potential business, but it can also affect your overall brand reputation. So how do you prevent this? There are a few key things that will help people be able to easily find you, identify exactly what you offer, and connect with you before buying.

Yes, your bio does matter – When it comes to your social media bios, consistency is key. Depending on the platform, you can definitely get creative and switch it up a bit on each platform, but for the most part who you are, what you do, and what you offer should be consistent across the board.

Choose your primary links wisely – Most platforms have an area where you can provide links to the website of your choice. Choose wisely! If most of the information on you or what you offer is on your website then it’s optimal to use your official website link. If you’re pushing a specific service or product, it may be ideal to list that link to drive sales.

Make sure your images make sense – This is something that many people may feel isn’t a big deal, but it’s quite the contrary. When people are looking for something specific, they already have a vision of what they’re about to encounter. When your main image isn’t in alignment with your brand, it may confuse people. People want to connect with an authentic person or brand, but they shouldn’t be thrown off by your visual representation.

Overall, making sure your brand effectively appears online is essential when trying to grow your business.

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