Menorca is a Spanish Balearic island, sitting in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Catalunya. It is a popular destination for outdoor lovers with an abundance of walking and cycling routes, including the ‘Cami de Cavalls’, a circular path around the whole island.

Their main language is a dialect of Catalan but as the island attracts many Spanish visitors it is a melting pot of the Spanish language as people from all regions come together.

They offer meat and fish, especially sobrassada with the local cheese that comes from the cows grazing the islands bright clover fields. The local drink is Pomada.

At the port of the island’s capital, Mao, right alongside where the cruise liners dock there is a small gin distillery, Xoriguer. They are mainly known for their gin. Every shop and bar on the islands sell it, but at the distillery, their other liqueurs can be discovered, ranging from chamomile or rose to coffee or chocolate. They have tasting stands set out and for as long as they are open you are welcome, even encouraged to help yourself to their wares and taste them all.

The base of the gin they produce is wine spirit which they buy. Using their own selection of botanics that contains a high amount of juniper, they then distill the spirit again in a copper pot still. The cut of spirit they use is 70% ABV which they then reduce to 38% by adding water.

The final gin always tastes the same and has been that way since the British dominated the island between 1708 and 1802 when the distillery was established.

The gin is one of just two ingredients to make the islands famous Pomada, the other being cloudy, fizzy lemonade such as lemon Fanta, Kas or Schweppes. The two drinks balance perfectly together and served in wine glasses over ice makes the perfect sipping drink to refresh the islanders and their guests after long days of exploring the island. Alternatively, it can be made as a cocktail using lemon juice and soda water.

Menorca really is the island of stunning views, natural beauty, good hospitality and thankfully, comfy beds!

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